How 1.75X9.75 Magnets Changed Our Opinion About Magnet Advertising?

1.75x 9.75 magnets have changed our opinion about magnet advertising and marketers have started taking them seriously. Magnet advertising was earlier termed as a rich man’s indulgence and many anti-magnet fanatics painted it as a weaker advertising medium. However, small magnets in the size 9.75 x 1.75 changed it all. Do you know how? Read this blog to know more –

1.75x9.75 Square Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

By Showing Up Courage to Stick into Consciousness
If it would have been 1950’s, marketers would have discarded the idea of promoting over small advertising magnets because that was the era of “Macro Advertising” over big canvases. Today, with the concept of “Micro Advertising” gaining momentum, marketers understand that even small can be powerful. No wonder, they are largely ordering small sized magnets 9.75 x 1.75 for positioning their brand information. They know these small magnets can make a big bang impact because people do not have time to scan each sentence of a marketing text spread over a large magnet. They would be satisfied in reading big text or identifying logo over small magnets. It saves their time and builds a strong brand message. Small magnets always receive high priority than many of the modern big magnets because people know they are short, adorable and give a clear message. In addition, they do not clutter space over the refrigerator door like their macro counterparts. It is believed that people go near their refrigerator door at least 10 times in a day. They would see the brand logo and slogan composed over small magnets. This continuous visibility will catapult their brand consciousness.

By Offering Huge Savings on Efforts and Investment
Earlier marketers were of the opinion that customized magnets will drain their savings and efforts because there weren’t many online suppliers offering high quality custom magnets. However, today with magnet advertising gaining momentum, marketers are confident that it is the only medium, which offers them great savings on efforts and helps them to seek best value for the investment. Many online stores stocking customized magnets offer benefits in the form of free online design proof, free art setup, free shipping, and free full color printing. Additionally, they offer benefits in the form of best buy pricing on bulk orders.

By Making it All Personal
Corporate advertising is still a very popular term and it demands high priority in business circles. Today, marketers are inclined towards personalized advertisements than corporate advertisements. They do not want to outsource their efforts or advertisements to the third parties; rather they wish to do it by their own. Magnet advertising allows them to achieve the full potential of personalization at their own expense. They can create, develop, design, and execute their campaign with any intrusion. Many online stores also offer benefits of creating campaign from the scratch at free of cost.

It can be concluded that customized magnets 9.75 x 1.75 have changed our opinion about the magnet advertising.

Perhaps after reading this blog, you will understand how 1.75 x 9.75 magnets can come of great use and make you the supporter of magnet advertising.