How 7.5X4.5 Magnets Make Great Traffic Builder for Marketers?

7.5 x 4.5 magnets are definitely one of the most sought after personalized magnets in the magnet advertising. Many marketers are seeking it largely for indoor advertising and occasionally for outdoor advertising with the realization that it may not show up from larger distances. Here are few strategies adopted by marketers to gather value from these customized magnets.

7.5x4.5 Round Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Employing Them for Informing
Today, marketers are using various techniques to keep their customers or clients informed about new products, services, savings and other value added information, but magnet advertising helps them in a big way. They can use 7.4 x 4.5 magnets for building save the date sales flyers, menu magnets, and brochures for information sharing. People would be happier to see them and retain them always.

Employing Them for Value Creation
What is the happiest news any marketer can share with his prospect or regular customer? Perhaps the news of new savings program, discount program or referral program, isn’t it? Marketers can do the same by indulging these customized magnets. They can design it as a coupon magnet or discount magnet and hand it during purchases and tradeshows.

Employing Them for Indulgence and Reference
Indulging a customer is a main challenge faced by any marketer and they can easily sideline it by investing in a well –designed customized calendar magnet or holiday greetings magnets. Both these personalized magnets score on indulgence and reference. They may not preach hardcore marketing; still they offer a great chance to score with customers by influencing them emotionally.

Employing Them for Creating Buzz
Many marketers have already found success by investing in 4.5 x7.5 magnets for buzz creation. Well, how to create buzz using them is a question that may ring after reading this paragraph. Marketers can find solutions by own because buzz creation is quite a challenge in itself. Some of the popular examples of buzz creation are – Informing people about a special product, which is going to make ripples in the niche or informing people about a surprise gift, which they may find with thin their current purchase.

Employing Them for Goodwill Creation
How does that happen? It happens through a six-letter word “Thanks” or by sending wishes or greetings. People would appreciate the gesture and they would think high of a marketer who wished them or acknowledged them. This method of goodwill creation works best for all big and small businesses.

You may never encounter a situation of “Big NO” while attempting magnet advertising because it offers you a liberty to express and impress your targets. You can become the owner of your own campaign.

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