Using 7.5X7.75 Magnets for a Successful Offline Marketing

It is sure that you might have tried various methods to grab attention in the online and real market place. Over the years, you might have invested in various small budget promotional strategies such as sales flyers, pamphlets, brochures and big budget strategies such as Google paid advertising, large banners, billboards, etc. This time, you can indulge with 7.5 x 7.75 magnets because they offer you large space for experimenting and positioning your business information.

7.5x7.75 Square Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Engage People
One of the proactive ways to engage customers is by giving them informative business pamphlets. Perhaps this is not exactly a new idea, but you can avoid hardcore sales-focused copies. Try to indulge people by including tips, recipes, tools, or anything you wish.

Encourage Written Testimonials
You can send customized magnets 7.5x 7.75 to homes of your relevant customers and urge them to write down a testimonial for your brand by logging into your eCommerce website. Do not forget to thank them before hand.

Print Business Flyers with a Creative Difference
At various times, you might have tried to stand out in the crowd with creative business flyers, but they aren’t enough. You can employ personalized magnets 7.5 x7.75 for creating business flyers with a great visual impact. People would appreciate your efforts.

Turn Your Car into a Mobile Business Banner
You may ask would these custom magnets 7.5 x7.75 show up from a distance. The answer is a big no. They may not show up from long distance, but they would certainly influence from close distances. People would start recognizing your brand easily. They would notice the brilliant color brand logos and contact information printed over these advertising magnets.

Indulge in Promoting Community Events
Until some years back, people used to respect a business, which sold more items during a particular season. Circa 2014, people are looking for a business, which not only made good sales, but also showed their social presence with aplomb and elite. Even if you cannot afford to indulge in promotion of a community program, still you can show support for the program or cause by printing it over these personalized magnets. People would definitely take note of your efforts and appreciate it with open hearts.

Offer Full Color 7.5 x7.75 Magnet as a Complement with Purchases or as a Tradeshow Tote Insert or an Acknowledgement Token
You can gift customized magnets as a complement with purchases or tradeshow tote insert or as an acknowledgement token. People would ultimately enjoy receiving a customized magnet, which decorates their refrigerator door and comes to their rescue during the hours of need. If you are sourcing from an online eCommerce store stocking these custom magnets, you can avail huge savings on bulk orders. Also, if it is a store specializing in only made in USA magnets, you would receive free shipping, free art setup, free online design proof, and free full color printing.

Use it for Offering Money Savings
“Savings” and “Discounts” are primary keywords for any business irrespective of their size and volume. People love to receive discounts, they would generously preach it to their family, and friends, thereby inspiring them to buy from you.

Participate in Tradeshow and Gift Away Well- Planned and Full Color 7.75 x 7.5 Magnets
You can participate in a tradeshow to enhance your business networking. Do not forget to hand out customized 7.75 x 7.5 magnets printed with your contact information and other influential information before leaving the tradeshow booth.

You can employ these large rectangle magnets 7.5 x 7.75 magnets for creating maximum impact with minimum efforts and at lowest investment.