Using 8.5X3 Magnets for Holiday Marketing

The holiday season has arrived. Everyone is looking forward to have some good time with family and friends. People have started hunting for perfect holiday gifts and you don’t want to disappoint them either. Perhaps you need to sharpen your marketing skills and offer customers what they expect. Here is how you can use 8.5 x 3 magnets for holiday marketing.

8.5x3 Square Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Send 8.5 x 3 Holiday Greeting Magnets
Don’t forget to send your wishes for holidays to your regular customers. They are people who have been loyal to you and supported you in the business. You should acknowledge their contribution by wishing them on a special occasion. Send a large full color 8.5 x 3 magnet printed with holiday greetings.

Announce Free Shipping
Shipping charges are real conversion killers for many marketers who are aiming whopping purchases during the holidays. You can announce free shipping or deductions in other areas to your regular customers. If you are thinking that this strategy only works for online stores, perhaps you are wrong because it does work for brick and mortar stores, too. There might be people wishing to gift your kind of products to their loved ones, but they might turn away from your website due to high shipping charges involved. Retain them back by offering free shipping offers.

Promote Combined Orders
Holiday is the time, when people are finding ways to lavish and save. You should take care to promote combined orders. Use 8.5×3 magnets for selling your combo offers because your customers would love the idea of enjoying their luxuries without bothering about overspending.

Offer Savings
Needless to say customers expect you to offer them savings. You can use 3×8.5 magnets for announcing special savings and discount offers. In addition, you can use it for announcing some special brand advocacy programs or special membership programs.

Make Them Consumers for a Lifetime
By attempting holiday marketing, you are not only eyeing highest benefits, but also trying to build an army of loyal consumers. You can use customized 8.5 x 3 magnets for turning your existing consumer into a loyal consumer for a lifetime.

Inspire Them to Share Your Brand
Holiday is not only the season of happiness, rejoicing and partying; it is also the season for human pursuits. All these years, you have lured customers by offering savings, discounts, or special benefits, now you can inspire them spread your brand information far and wide by showing your support for the cause or why you care for less privileged sections of the society, etc.

You can attempt many other holiday marketing ideas over these large 8.5 x 3 magnets because they are large enough to buy attention. You can avail benefits of best buy pricing, lowest price match guarantee, free online design proof, free art setup, free shipping, and free full color printing by ordering these customized magnets from any online store stocking only made in USA magnets.

Wishing you all a happy holiday marketing over 8.5 x 3 magnets and other personalized magnets!