Smart Ways To Use Refrigerator Magnets To Warm Up Your Summer Sales

Mailer campaigns are smart options to execute a highly targeted promotion and spread the word about your products and services. You can select your audience by age, locality or demographics to ensure a high precision campaign that never fails. In this digital age when everything happens online, your audience will have a pleasant surprise when a business mail reaches their letter boxes on the gates! Enhance the value of these mailers by including fridge magnets that will make a tangible business reminder that your audience will cherish.

Budget friendly, highly visible and immensely popular, custom refrigerator magnets make a great way to build up a buzz and engage your audience with your brand.  Light weight and compact, these are great for mailer campaigns as they do not add up to the postage expenses.

Refrigerator magnets can be used in your mailer campaigns to announce deals, build up a buzz or to get engaged with your audience.  Here are some smart ways to use custom fridge magnets to drive up your summer sales

  1. Announce summer deals

Announce special summer discounts loud and clear with these post card magnets that will get a sizeable audience for sure. Any business can easily launch a summer sale with printed refrigerator magnets and get noticed easily.

  1. Customization tips

To make your magnets interesting and well retained, you can imprint useful and information like tips on summer fashion, sun care, saving on energy bills and pet care among others. These will enhance the usability of these custom magnets while your brand imprinted on these will get more exposure. Make your brand message interesting with taglines, artwork and more.

Another interesting way to customize these magnets is by including a calendar of summer events or sports days. Including a coupon code will make a great choice to track response.  You can even organize summer photo contests. The winner’s entries can be posted in your social media pages to enhance your social engagement manifold.

 Get noticed with shaped magnets

Refrigerator magnets are available in various delightful shapes and models.  Choose a shape that will match your business line to convey everything that you want to without even resorting to text! Make sure that your brand gets easily spotted by your audience by making it stand out in the crowd. Choose custom shaped magnets that complement your business and product line to draw easy attention of your audience. College dorm supplies, back-to-school products and other brands can make leads from the mailbox before your competitors even think of getting there!

2.82 x 2.89 Custom Printed Cart Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Are you planning to use refrigerator magnets as your promotional items this summer? Tell us  your tips and ideas and join an interesting discussion.