A few Unique Save-The-Date Ideas That Nobody Might Have Told You So Far

Fridge magnets could be the most popular option for save the dates these days as these will stick to your guest’s fridge reminding them of the big day till your wedding day and even beyond! The best part is that Custom save the date magnets can be mailed in US postal service. Ideally save the dates have to be dispatched 3-5 months prior to the formal wedding invitation. For destination weddings, couples can send these out a bit earlier to let the guests make their travel and accommodation plans in advance. The common magnet sizes like 5×4, or 4×3.5 inch magnets are well suited for mailing and the best part is that we have even matching envelopes for you to mail these!

A few Unique Save-The-Date Ideas That Nobody Might Have Told You So Far

Tired of the ordinary save-the-date magnets that you have been seeing for a very long time now? We have some smart ideas to announce your wedding to your close friends and family with these creative save the date magnets.

Comic Book Save-the-Date

As they say, life is a drama and we are all actors. So, take everything in a lighter vein with these comic book save the date magnets. Put together a comic book to announce your big day with your guests, complete with a cute proposal story, some romantic quotes or even the dramatic way how you met. Make sure to make it as witty as possible with oneliners and anecdotes which will enhance the story telling experience. Now is the time for you to choose a handy save the date magnet like 2×3.5 Custom Save the Date Wedding Magnets 20 Mil. Customize with the date and venue of the event and the name of the couple and attach these to the comic book to round off your fairy tell romantic story!

2x3.5 Custom Save the Date Wedding Magnets 20 Mil

Say it in with a journal -Style Save-the-Date

Flaunt your creative skills with these magazine style save the date invitations. Tell about everything you love about your wedding including the destination that you choose in a truly dramatic and awe inspiring style that will keep your guests pinned to the edge of their seats literally. You can even list out the personal favorite spots and tourist attractions, eateries and more in wedding city. Etch out your love story and how it culminated in the proposal with the skill of a seasoned story teller. Choose a save the date magnet like 3×2 Custom Oval Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil from our collection and attach it to the front page of the magazine to enhance the feeling of the invitation. Your guests are going to remember your wedding day for a very long time for sure.

3x2 Custom Oval Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil

Share a cookie with the Save-the-Date

If you happen to be a couple who loves baking or enjoy pastries, why not share your passion for these crunchy delights with your wedding guests with these cookie save-the-dates. You can bake your own cookies or buy some heart shaped cookies and gift pack for your wedding guests. Do not forget to slip in your favorite custom save the date magnets, which can be anything like 4 Inch Custom Circle Save The Date Magnets 20 Mil and a little note of these special treats to round off the invite on a sweet note!

4 Inch Custom Circle Save The Date Magnets 20 Mil

Need more? Browse our collection for the best trending save the date magnets in town. Do you have any creative ideas to make the save the date invites really special? Do share it in our comments section.