Change The Date Wedding Magnets To Send To Your Guests

Weddings are highly anticipated events not just for the couple but for the family and guests as well. However, in the current pandemic situation and difficult times, many couples are compelled to postpone their event to another date. No matter what the reason, rescheduling a wedding is never fun. However, you can make it straight and simple by sending out custom wedding  postponement magnets or Wedding Postponement Cards  to get your message across.

Just like save the date information, you can customize change the date details on custom wedding save the date magnets to let your guests know the change of plans. Customize the magnets with the new date. Choose a coordinating pattern that match with your wedding invitations to make it appealing and to stand out in the mail.

 Large Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil

Here are some designs that you will find interesting while customizing change the date magnets

Adopt a motivational tone

The couple can show that they care for the world and highlight their compassion to everyone affected with the current pandemic. Let your guests know that you choose to  postpone the joy and celebration of the wedding day as  an expression of concern for others. Get the new wedding date imprinted front and center, making it perfect to place on a refrigerator or filing cabinet.

Change Is Good

If you were planning a summer wedding and ended up making arrangements for a fall season event, you can highlight the message that change is good. Adopt a matching design that will reflect the new wedding date and inform the guests to expect a formal invitation later on

Spring Meadows Wedding Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners


Adopt a simple design to convey the message that the wedding has been postponed. If you are yet to work out the other details about the event let your guests know about changes in plans and direct them to the wedding website for updates.

Heart Shaped Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil

Change the Date

Keep your message simple and announce the change of date in a simple and straight way. Choose from any minimalist theme and include a message that directs guests to the wedding website for more information. It will make a useful way to keep the guests updated.

Classic Wedding Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil


Let your guests know about the change of date and provide contact information for guests who may have questions or who are ready to RSVP before the event.

Wedding Update

If you are planning a themed wedding, you can consider an understated background that will highlight the postponement message easily and keep the guests updated. You can also include the wedding website link to make it easy for the guests to gather all information about the new date without making it look too cluttered.

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