Get Extra Savings With Our Save The Date Magnets

Planning a wedding is never an easy task and all the more having a wedding that is out from the ordinary will be challenging. You will have a long list of the things to do for your wedding and sending out save the date invitations to your guests is considered a must. You want to inform your guests beforehand so they can mark the calendars and reserve it for your wedding day. Also, it is ideal especially when you have wedding destinations or when your wedding ceremony will fall on a long weekend.Save the Date Magnets are different from the actual wedding invitation. These are sent out ideally six months before the wedding ceremony. We believe that every bride deserves to have and experience a grand wedding starting from the invitation, location and everything that are needed for the wedding yet we also believe that the couple should not have the burden to spend a lot from their pockets in order to attain the things needed for a grand wedding. A lot of couple would not send out save the date invites due to the idea that it will be an additional cost. Well we, at, have good news for you. We actually have our own Save the Date Magnets that are very affordable and will not burden your budget. All of our custom magnets can cater to different couples with different wedding themes and budget.

These custom magnets get you in the planning mode and it sets the tone for your wedding. Having to give something as an advanced notice will let your guests prepare for your big day such as ask their boss for time off, shop for a new dress or save up for their hotel accommodation, therefore, you can have more guests that can attend.These custom magnets are especially important when you are planning for a summer wedding since many people take vacations during this time or if you are marrying during long weekends or holidays. These give a heads up for your guests about your wedding plans.

Need not worry about the cost of all these custom magnets because once you order them in bulk you will be able to get a huge discount. That is great news right? Aside from that, you can make your custom magnets personal without worrying about additional costs. We have more good news for you! We offer free ground shipping, free online proof and free charge setup free. How cool is that? You will definitely get extra savings with these custom magnets. You know, here at, we want you to be satisfied and happy with your purchases so we have decided to have all our custom magnets offered at reasonable prices without sacrificing its quality.

Beyond announcing your good news, you can send out these save the date wedding magnets in a variety of format. Listed below are the different save the date magnets that are not only categorized based on wedding themes but are custom magnets that can be used for different occasions as well.

  • Sports Save The Date Magnets are perfect for couples who plan to have a wedding theme that is sports related. The designs offered on these magnets can be customized based on your preference. You may send your own art design or you may let our graphic artists assist. These custom magnets can also be used to spread information when you want to support a local sports team. This is one way of letting the community know of a major sports game that will be held in the neighborhood.3x7 Custom Football Event Ticket Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners
  • Wedding Save The Date Magnets are the classic way to go. If you are not particular with any theme for your wedding then this is the ideal custom magnet for you.2x3.5 Customized Save the Date Wedding Magnets 20 Mil
  • Baby Announcement Magnets are for new parents who want to announce a new member of their family in a uniquely grand yet affordable way.3.5x4 Custom Baby Announcement Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners
  • Graduation Announcement Save The Date Magnets are for proud parents who wants to share their joy to families and friends for the achievement of their son or daughter. These can also be used as an invitation to tell people to save the date for a celebration.4x7 Custom Graduation Announcement Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners
  • Class Reunion Save The Date Magnets are typically purchased for class reunions. Instead of sending ordinary paper invites, you can opt for these custom magnets and rest assured that nobody will ever forget the date of their reunion since these can easily stick to refrigerator doors. Therefore, making it a daily reminder.3.5x4 Custom Class Reunion Fridge Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners
  • Birthday Announcement Save The Date Magnets are a unique and different invitation. These custom magnets are unusual yet it delivers a bettereffectiveness because it is a better reminder. You can use these if you want a fun birthday invite.3x4 Custom Birthday Announcement Save The Date Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners
  • Retirement Announcement Save The Date Magnets are for announcing retirement. Probably, you might want to have a little gathering at your house or a certain place and invite people over. These are the perfect custom magnets for this type of celebration or announcement.3x4 Custom Printed Holidays Announcement Save The Date Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners
  • Holidays Announcement Save The Date Magnets can be ideally used when you want to send out Holiday greetings to families and friends living far away from you. You can order in bulk and customized it the way you want to add warmth to your greetings without spending a lot of money on it. Since you are able to get it in bulk it means you can send these custom magnets to all those that you miss and want to greet during the holidays.3.5x4 Custom Printed Holidays Announcement Save The Date Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

So have no second thoughts anymore. Your wedding or any special occasion only comes one in a lifetime. Make it a budget friendly, memorable and exciting one by investing in our save the date magnets.

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