How save the date magnets ensure a good turnout during events?

Save the date magnets are the latest rage in all events like birthdays, weddings, reunions and much more. Personalized and long lasting, these invites will never get misplaced and fail to grab the attention of your guests and will ensure a high turnout for all types of events.

3.5x2 in Traditional Thai boat Wedding Save the Date Round Corner Magnets 20 Mil

Have you ever wondered how save the date magnets can be better than conventional paper invitation cards in ensuring a high turnout of guests?

Here are some of the situations where you can employ these custom magnets to reap benefits.

Types of events requiring Save the Dates

Save the date magnets may not be integral part of all events. However the advantages of using these custom magnets have made it so popular in recent times in party circuits and among event managers. Save the date magnets are ideal for big events where a high turnout is appreciated. If the event is scheduled to take place during a holiday or weekends, consider sending save the date magnets to help your guests deal with the busy holiday season blues. If you are planning your event in a faraway location where most of the guests need to travel to attend, it is recommended to make use of these custom magnets. Ideally save the date magnets are sent once the formal announcement is made and should give adequate time for the guests to plan.

Save the Dates will help your busy guests plan their visit

The break neck speed and cramped schedules that go hand in hand with modern lives leave people with little time for socializing. Even their topics of conversation hover around their hectic life styles and how busy they are with work, school, kids and much more!

This is where save the date magnets come into the picture in making your events well organized. People often forget the date or might not be able to make it on short notice. Paper invites are more likely to get misplaced, get torn by your doggie or get tattered in the mail box on a rainy day! Whereas these custom magnets that can be stuck on refrigerator doors or other prominent metal surfaces will make sure that your invite remains right in front of your guests. These custom magnets can keep your guests informed well in advance about the date and location of the event so that they have enough time in hand to plan their trip and finalize their hotel and travel arrangements. Save the date magnets will help them to tackle their busy schedule and to make it on time for the big day!

2x2 Custom Save the Date Magnets

When to Send Save the Date magnets

Though there are no hard and fast rules on the ideal date to send these personalized invites, it is a good idea to send these as fast as you can, preferably soon after the finalization of events. A time lapse of around 3-4 months before the event will give enough time for the guests to make the necessary arrangements for them to be available for the event. Requesting time off from work, getting a babysitter and the like will eat up a lot of time for the guests and an early intimation might prove advantageous to ensure their presence for your event.

If you are planning a destination wedding, it is recommended to send out these save the date magnets as early as possible. In fact, your friends and family may need a long time to schedule vacation time or to finalize their travel arrangements. So, shop right away for these delightful custom magnets that will ensure a healthy turnout for your events and will relieve you off the most challenging task of inviting people and making sure that they make it to your event!