Save The Date Wedding Magnets – Spreading The Word Among Your Guests

Save the date magnets – You’ve seen them before and have fallen for its charm. Announce the big day in a big way with these custom invites and make sure that the guests mark their calendars and get excited about  your wedding.  Save the Date wedding magnets do not sell anything, instead remind your guests of  your big day and ensure that they make it to the event. These magnets will keep your wedding info right on top of their minds that there is not even a remote possibility for them to forget the day.

Save the date  magnets will  remind  the attendees of the event and inspire them to make arrangements well on time. For those who are new to these magnets, it is a distant cousin of the good old refrigerator magnet imprinted with your contact information and logo. Businesses use these magnets because these work. These items on  display in common areas of a home get a lot of attention, which in turn makes leads.

3.5x2 Custom Wedding Save the Date Magnets

Plan in advance

Save the date wedding magnets will enable your guests to make their travel plans well in advance even before the formal invitation reaches them. Plus it will also let your family and close relative to pick up a date that does not clash with yours while planning an event. Save the date wedding magnets thus prevent clashing dates that will split up the audience and leave the fun halved! Stay safe and announce your wedding early enough not just to let people plan but  help them choose another date for their celebrations.

2x3.5 Customized Save the Date Wedding Magnets 20 Mil

Other Scheduling Conflicts

Save the date invites occupy high visibility spots like refrigerator doors or filing cabinets and will remain right in plain view of your audience. It will allow your guests to see the date when they are on the phone making appointments, vacations plans and scheduling other  tasks. It will prevent the embarrassing moment where people book themselves at two places by oversight or miss the event altogether. With a Save the Date magnet in front of them, they can plan their schedules with precision and avoid dilemmas and conflicts. By giving enough prior notice, you are doing a great service to your guest who may be busy with countless tasks. Make a serious wish for the presence of your guests by helping them plan the day- wedding save the date magnets are the right choice indeed!

2x3.5 Custom Printed Save the Date Wedding Magnets

Personalize it

These full color, factory direct magnets can be imprinted with your initials, wedding date , a cute artwork or a little message.  These lovely magnets will take credit to a lot of envious glances for sure. People will love to retain it as your wedding memorabilia even after the big day. Well, doesn’t that sound music to your ears!

3x4 Custom Save The Date Wedding Magnets 20 Mil

Shop now for Save the date wedding magnets and make your wedding day a hit!