Various Types of Save The Date Magnets

Save the date magnets are one of the promotional products from the family of magnetic tools. There are multiple use for each of the save the date magnets and also there are several varieties of save the date magnets. Save the date magnet or cards are the attractive reminder to people about the beginning date of a particular event. It can be a social gathering, a wedding party or even a formal meeting. The exclusive purpose of sending out save the date magnets is to make people reminded of the event and helping them to not miss it. Realizing the popularity and wider use of the products, brands have been using them as effective brand promotion tools. There are various types of save the date magnets. The classification is based on the purpose of the tool and the event it promotes. Let us see few of the most common types of save the date magnets.

The most common purpose of save the date magnets is to remind people of wedding celebrations. It is a widely held practice among people sending out magnetic save the date cards to invite people into a particular wedding ceremony. Imprinted with the images of the bride and groom, wedding invitation save the date magnets will help the guests to keep the dates in mind to not miss the function. They are been used as wedding planners also. The wedding planner save the date magnets may differ in shape and size from invitation magnets. Weddings are the events which require strict planning to not run out of time and resources. A wedding planner magnet may help the people to note down all the important dates associated with the wedding like date for purchase, date for meeting somebody etc… when noted down on a save the date magnet and placed at a visible place important tasks are les likely to be forgotten.

Another type of save the date magnet is event promotion magnets. Such magnets are meant to promote events by serving as invitations, announcement magnets and message spreading tools. At a particular event, the save the date magnets can be used as multipurpose tools and can be used to fulfill various duties. The invitation to the event can be imprinted on a save the date magnet and can be sent to guests. Once they reach the spot of the event, then another card with the detailed description about the purpose and procedures of the event can be given to the guests as an informative leaflet.

Brand promotional save the date magnets are another common type of magnets. Brands utilize the attractiveness and popularity of save the date magnets and distribute custom made save the date magnets to their customers. Instead of reminding people of a particular date, the save the date magnets will help the brands to make people aware of the products and services offered by a particular brand. They help brands to gain the attention of lot of customers for much longer periods.

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