Types of magnets for school direct promotion

School is one of those places, which receive large number of visitors in a day. It often becomes difficult for the school authorities to communicate with such larger audience in short time. They try to propagate their message through banners, circulars, or sometimes through school diaries. Nowadays, schools have found a unique way of communicating through magnets.

Following are some types of school direct promotion magnets utilized by authorities to promote their message or cause –

  • School Calendar Magnets – They are the most popular type of school magnets and are often gifted to students or their parents in the beginning of the year. The school authorities can choose to customize the calendar with suitable logo, or photos, and required contact information. Also, they can either choose to imprint it as regular calendar or as a special calendar only giving dates of exams or some special events conducted by school authorities.
  • Awareness Magnets – As said before school is a melting point of different personalities, and it also becomes a good medium of communication. The school authorities can utilize the space to create awareness about certain social issues. They can choose to imprint any suitable shaped magnet with eye catching and brain influencing messages. These custom magnets can also be offered as a fundraising token. Students should be encouraged to buy it against very small fee. Thus, these magnets can become an apt school direct promotion tool.
  • Postcard Magnets – Many schools utilize direct mail marketing to communicate with the parents. They can choose to make difference through magnetic postcard mailers. These mailers will be definitely treasured by parents and they will proudly showcase it across visible surfaces for the reference of future generations.
  • Magnetic Business Cards – School authorities can choose to popularize their accessibility through magnetic business cards. The business card magnets imprinted with the contact information will definitely treasured by parents and old students, who will take a point to refer this school to their peers, and others, who are unaware of the reputation of the school.
  • Custom Shaped Magnets – School authorities can choose to dazzle students and parents by imprinting information on custom shaped magnets such as pencil shaped magnets, book shaped magnets, smart phone shaped magnets, pennant shaped school magnets, scale shaped magnet, save the date magnet, school bus shaped magnet, and etc. School authorities can also choose to spread awareness through custom shaped magnets.

There is no hard and fast rule that the schools should only limit themselves to the above mentioned magnets, but they should try to utilize or experiment with different types of magnetic shapes available in the market.

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