Seasonal Favorites – Fourth of July Magnets

July 4, American Independence Day

This is the time when every proud American chooses to wear his/her patriotism on sleeves. They just think that there 100000 ways of showing their patriotism. It’s true; over the years Americans have devised some impressive ways to show how much they love their country.  The first lesson of patriotism begins at home, which they fulfill by paying their bills on time and by contributing in all national causes and the last (but not the least) way leads to Fourth of July magnets.july4

This year too many Americans will be opting for these custom magnets for last minute gifting. They either opt for 4th of July refrigerator magnets or 4th of July car magnets. Following are some the choices, which they can avail –

  • Circle and Oval Shaped Magnets – The circular and oval magnets possess two virtues – uniqueness and authenticity, which make them one of the popular gifting choices. They can be suitably imprinted with brand information (If  you are planning to improve  visibility to your business) and with themes such as I love USA, Stars and Stripes, Proud to be American, or with images of some great US Presidents and Patriots who have helped to put the country on the world map.
  • Rectangle Shaped Magnet – This is one of the most preferred choices of  Independence Day magnets because the rectangle shaped magnet can be suitably customized with brand information and themes such as US Flag, dedication to the marines posted in Afghanistan and other countries, Uncle Sam , and vintage art.
  • Star Shaped Magnet – Americans have a long affiliation with stars. The stars feature in most of their national symbols such as flags (which is known as stars and stripes). The star shaped magnet can be suitably customized to carry some patriotic messages or it can also hold image of flag or the other national symbols.
  • Flag Shaped Magnet – Undoubtedly this will be the most favored choice of the Americans during this Independence Day! A flag shaped magnet can be offered as a business gift during this season and it can be suitably customized to bear brand message. People will definitely love to have this magnet and they will never forget to pin it over their refrigerator doors.  At first the only concentration may be on flag, but slowly the brand consciousness may creep in and businessmen who aim to make it easy and big can reap from it.
  • State Shaped Magnets – The Independence Day is also time for saluting the home states. Americans who are desperately in love with their states can always seek this kind of magnets. Today, they can choose from magnets depicting all 50 states in USA.

On looking around you will feel that all ways lead to a big world of Independence Day magnets, just take a look and make your choice.

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