Custom Sports schedule Magnets – Local Marketing Made Easy

Sports is not just a way of life or a hobby for millions of people but also make a multimillion marketing niche. Quite rightly sports themed events and promotional items will make a great way to reach out to the sports loving community and promote leagues, players and booster clubs.  If you are planning a targeted promotion to reach out to the sports loving audience, sports schedule magnets will make a great choice. Choose from a range of schedule magnets for various sporting events like football, baseball and golf among others as per your needs and promote your brand in a fun way.

3.875x7.25 Custom Sports Schedule Baseball Shape Magnets 25 Mil

Sports schedule magnets can be used to promote all types of businesses including those that are not related to sports. Light weight and compact, schedule magnets fare well also as great mailer items. In a country that boasts of 11 months of sports season, can there be a better and more effective way to promote your brand than custom sports schedule magnets? These full color and attractive magnets will attract the attention of the sports loving audience long after other advertising is forgotten.

Sports schedule magnets will earn a prominent place on the refrigerator doors and filing cabinets of your recipients, thereby ensuring consistent impressions for your brand. Sports schedule magnets are not just reference tools but will add a pop of color to the fridge doors and may even double up as a hold up for the treasured snaps, discount coupons and reminders of your customers. Custom magnets make an easy and budget friendly way to build good will and reinforce the relationship with customers.

Magnets Go Beyond the Refrigerator

There is a common notion that magnets are destined to be on fridge doors forever. However, sports schedule magnets change hands as gifts, mailer items or sports souvenirs thereby taking your message to an audience that is wider than your targeted crowd. Add more value and functionality to these magnets by imprinting emergency telephone numbers, kitchen conversion units, a calendar or infact any useful information that your users may find interesting.

Sports schedule magnets are well suited for promoting your brand in your community and sports fraternity.  By handing out something that the sports loving audience will find truly useful, your brand will get assured attention. Unlike many other custom gifts, magnets do not get discarded or damaged easily. Choose from an interesting range of models including baseball shaped sports schedule magnets or football shaped sports schedule magnets that will grab easy attention.

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