Why Should You Choose Sports Themed Save the Date Magnets?

You have all done with paper invitation cards, email invitations, telephone invitations and many more, but this time you can go little sporty with sports themed save the date magnets! They make excitingly thrilling invitations for your wedding. Although save the date magnets are considered to be informal invitations to the wedding, but they are good enough to stir interests of the guests who are going to make it for the main day. Most importantly, these magnets remain with the recipients as invitation, memoir and a refrigerator art.


If you wish to make the whole wedding as a fun fuelled affair, then you should seek sports themed save the date magnets.  These magnets help to tone down the fake seriousness and emphasizes on fun.  Generally you get used to sight of save the date photo frame magnets with images of happy couple being imprinted on them.  With these sporty magnets, you can make it all a relaxed affair with bride and groom posing in a sports event like atmosphere. It will aid you to make the announcement pattern interesting and livelier.

In general people love sending out wedding save the dates at least 5-6 months before the wedding. By doing so, they are actually giving time for guests to arrange their schedules around wedding. If you are extra -eager and send these magnets at least 8 months in advance, then, there are chances of your guests getting pissed off.

By handing out the sports themed save the date magnets you are –

  1. Striking chords with sports loving guests
  2. Stirring joyous spirits in your guests
  3. Keeping them rooted to hear more from you
  4. Making chances for high retention value.

Today, you can come across some good collection of sports themed save the date magnet invitations crafted exclusively for sports lovers. You can choose from basketball themed save the date magnets, soccer themed save the dates, golf themed save the dates and many more depending on your budget and requirement. Event ticket sports –themed save the date magnets are extremely popular token in this category.

Weddings are always special affair and to make it extra special, you need to be little smart. Adding these sporty save the dates to your wedding preparations is definitely a smart move to push your wedding information into priority.