Using 6X6 Magnets for Lead Generation

Today, marketers are considering magnet advertising more than ever before because it offers them several reasons for lead generation. 6×6 magnets are largely sought for lead generation by marketers because they think that it can create an impact with its exact square size. Here are certain impressive ways of employing such customized magnets for lead generation–

6x6 inch Round Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets 25 mil

Sales Flyers
Many times your clients or customers may not be in a state of mind to read your website or brochure in detail. They may not find it interesting enough to spend time reading 500+ text offered on your brochure or website. Perhaps you can easily buy their attention with sales flyers printed over square magnets. You can always offer them snippets of valuable information through the sales flyers built over 6×6 magnets. These sales flyer magnets would easily educate them what are your services and how they can find you. Doesn’t that sound interesting?

Menu Magnets
Collecting paper menus from a nearby restaurant is a big hobby for Americans, who love to pamper themselves once a while. Most times, they keep such menu cards in easy to find places. Now, you can give them a reason to remember you at all times by offering them promotional menu magnets printed over 6×6 magnets. People would see menu every time they go near the fridge or their work cabinet and remember it appropriately, when hunger pangs start bothering them.

Holiday Magnets
Today, the niche competition is intensifying and people are fast forgetting the brands from which they purchased their last item. They are always in experimental mode and wish to make wise investments. A word of thanks or holiday wishes can do the wonder. You can send them colorful and joyous holiday greetings over these large 6×6 magnets. People would look at them every day and slowly they would start believing that you are a genuine marketer because you took efforts to wish them during the holiday season. Perhaps investing in a holiday magnet is a best way of building impression with a minimum effort. People would remember such kind gesture for a long time to come.

6X6 Merry Christmas Square Magnet

Fundraiser Magnets
Everyone wants to get associated with some social cause for one or the other reason. Gone are days, when people used to get attracted to each other simply for the money they make. Today, everyone wishes to show their kind and humane side rather than their plush side. This is why many corporations and individuals are plunging into social work more than ever before. Taking cue from some noble acts of kindness, you can always use these 6×6 magnets for spreading awareness about your brand. Fundraiser magnets 6×6 can be gifted during corporate events or community programs. You can encourage customers to buy it from you for contributing to the cause. People would be happy to retain a large customized magnet over their refrigerator door as a token of their social indulgence. They would be proud to advocate your brand to others and this way a completely new community will turn up at your doorsteps.

There are no ifs, buts, how’s, and where’s, when you are considering magnet advertising and the same rule applies to these promotional magnets 6×6, too!

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