Using 8X8 Magnets for Building Personality for Your Brand

Using 8×8 magnets for creating personality for your brand may sound impossible, but they offer real values if you take little efforts to identify how to stand out. You can use these large sized square magnets for creating value by-

8x8 Round Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Harping on Difference
Suppose you are selling Christmas cakes and everyone else in your bakers line is doing the same. Why should people come to you, when every other cake in the locality tastes and cost the same? You can create difference by saying that you are using all certified ingredients or health friendly ingredients opposed to your competitors. You can supplement your claims with some influential elements such as member of certain body of regulations or certifications, etc. Similarly, you can harp on this difference by employing 8×8 magnets. All these years, you have used paper promotional materials to reach out to your customers. This time, you can use these large square magnets. Doesn’t that sound like a difference by itself?

Creating a Surprise
Imagine a situation – you are going to buy a candy box for your kid. XYZ brand is offering you many candies in different colors. ABC brand is also doing the same with the difference, they are also offering you a small toy in the candy box at slightly higher costs (not more than few cents), what would be your take. Perhaps you would go with the second one because it will delight your kid more than the first one. You can create a surprise for your brand by adding some new idea or service to your existing list of offerings. Use 8×8 magnets for the purpose because people cannot ignore this large magnet and they would be encouraged to retain it over their refrigerator doors or car doors as long as they wish.

Offering More than Expected
Have you ever thought – why there was no amusement park ever to compete the Disney Land. Why there is no other staged event as glamorous as the Oscars? Why there was no other Michael Jackson?

Because they all strived to serve people above their expectations. You can emulate their tricks of success by offering your customers more than expected. You can tell those people why they should purchase from you or how their association with you will be beneficial.

Tell Them You are Offering Value Rather than Money Savings
Suppose you are selling a vitamin supplement, health program, life insurance or a pizza, perhaps you are not aiming only at money. In fact, you are selling longevity, health, tension free life, and tastes. You can make customers understand that you are selling values by printing over these 8×8 customized magnets.

You can purchase these personalized magnets from an eCommerce store stocking only made in USA magnets. Additionally, you can save on online design proof, art setup, full color printing, and shipping.

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