Pet Care Square Shape Magnets – the ideal promotional idea for all pet care businesses

A 4 x7 pet care square shaped magnet is perfect for mass events like tradeshows, store openings and promotional campaigns. Pet care magnets often score big when other promotional efforts fail as these are popular and cost effective all at once. The generous imprint area will have ample space for your logo and business message which will never fail to grab the attention of your clients. From handy health care tips to immunization schedule for pets or work out options and more, these custom magnets will have enough space for all types of business messages that the pet owners will find really useful. Every time they check out on these, your business logo will get stuck in their mind and will set off a spate of referrals too!

4x7 Pet Care Square Shape Magnets

These custom animal clinic magnets ensure a high visibility against any metallic surface where they are affixed. These are ideal to promote pet supply stores, vet clinics and pet food stores among others. The low price tag of these magnets makes it a perfect choice for those advertisers working on a small budget. This magnet makes a good business gift in all seasons and grabs instant attention. People will love to stick these adorable magnets on their fridge doors, counters and in fact all the metallic surface that can lay their hands on and every time they come across these logo magnets your business logo will enjoy a bold display.

Pets are part of families for most people and when they are in distress their masters too will be stressed out. When a pet is in need, your number should be easy to find and this is where custom logo magnets come into the bigger picture as the pet owners can easily find all the essential details of the pet care service they may need from these magnets that are stuck at easily accessible spots. Whether you wish to thank your clients or to spread awareness about your latest business ventures and products, these magnets will fit the bills of all these and more.

These pet care custom magnets can also be used to share tips for a healthy pet as you advertise your animal clinic and your contact information. Hand out these during pet shows or awareness campaigns, send with mailings or distribute these cute magnets at the local pet stores to get referrals. No matter how you plan to go about it, these magnets will always work for your brand building.

Available in various handy sizes, pet care magnets can be used to promote any vet or animal related service. Not many people can resist these stunning fridge magnets that bear your logo and business message and every time their furry friends need special care, they will immediately remember your name. This magnetic business promotion will give you an upper hand compared to conventional marketing tools like paper business cards or flyers which have a higher chance of getting trashed. Pet care fridge magnets will be retained for a long time and make a unique way to remind your clients why they should choose your office for their pet’s needs.

We offer free art setup, free shipping, free online design proof, and attractive price savings on all pet care customized magnets. Order in bulk to enjoy special discounts and make your branding promo budget friendly with these flexible custom magnets.