Personalized Art and Entertainment Magnets – Great for sending art-felt Invitations

The words “art” and “entertainment” pack lots of punch and happiness within them, still one can choose to spruce the oomph element of an event by sending out art-felt invitations such as personalized art and entertainment magnets.

Personalized Art and Entertainment Magnets

As the name suggests art and entertainment magnets are best to buy interests of people who are either busier to set a reminder for an event or who love to treasure memories of the great music, dance or fun parties that they attended. If you plan to roll a fun-filled party and wish to invite both sets of people (event forgetters & memorizers), then following magnetic invitations are worth considering –

  • Musical Refrigerator Magnets – They are perfect to kick start a bright musical evening. They make a perfect invitation token for karaoke, rap, pop or metal and dance music themed parties. Although unconventional these magnets make a great invitation for music jamborees organized as a part of pre-wedding bash in some cultures. Those who are thinking of sending it out as a personal invitation for musical soiree can always get it personalized with brilliant musical portraits.
  • Musical Magnets Dance Game – They are perfect if you wish to paint a party gay with hues of thrill, fun and happiness. It is a pertinent option for all those who don’t want to leave a stone unturned while hosting a fun filled affair complete with music, games and dance. Vibrant colors and fun locked graphics can do the trick, and the person who receives this interesting invitation will definitely attend and rock to the hilt.
  • Band Magnets – They make a great promotional choice for music bands, dance groups, or broad way performances. Instead of sending out email or paper invites the band members or the show organizers can choose to hand out band magnets customized with brilliant illustrations, and other venue details. It can be used by well-known or start up singers to pack punch during their impending performances.
  • Event Schedule Magnets – This custom magnet makes a favorable choice for entertainers who wish to see packed auditoriums during shows or concerts.  A magnet bearing hot entertaining symbols will keep the viewers engrossed.
  • Art Calendar Magnet – This magnet offers myriad of personalization options and it can be used by everyone who wish to portray a unique artistic bend of mind. Advertisers can choose to gift away customized art calendar magnets in the beginning of the New Year or during some special occasions. This calendar magnet serves as a good reminder token or reference tool and also makes a brilliant refrigerator art.

There is no limit regarding the number of art-felt art and entertainment magnets you can use for sprucing the events because they will continue to rock over refrigerator door even after the euphoria dies!

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