Drive Your Business To Success With Our Automotive Magnets

If you own an auto repair shop,all you need to have are highly skilled mechanics, the proper equipment and a lounge where your customers can wait. You already have all the necessary things needed fora successful business and now what you need are customers. You need to get the word out. There are many low cost ways that you can strengthen your existing relationships with customers and build new ones.An effective marketing and sales really does not have to cost a fortune.

We believe that the way you present yourself in your promotions or advertisements are just as important as the services you provide. The first step to attract new customers is being able to accurately describe what you have to offer or what services you provide. What makes your services better or unique from others or what types of engine problems you solve? So how are you able to get all this information out to the community? It is simple. Our Automotive Magnets will drive you to the right lane.

Our custom magnets are customizable therefore allowing you to put any information that you prefer to attract the attention of the people. Communicate your brand value and services offered through our custom magnets. Having your business name and contact information imprinted on these custom magnets will now be easier for people to refer your business. Commonly, custom magnets are placed on filing cabinets or refrigerator doors which will give the people easy access to your information. Remember that people commonly ask family, friends, neighbors and co-workers for recommendations on auto repair shops, so if they have your information they can just easily relay your contact number. We strongly suggest that you hand out these automotive magnets to your existing customers because if you treat them well, they will promote your business by telling others about the good customer service they received from your shop. If you keeprepeat customers happy, they will continue to utilize your services and they will help bring in new customers to your shop.

We have listed our automotive magnets into categories. Categories are listed below.

  • Vehicle Magnetic SignsThese custom magnets comes in two sizes which are 24×18 and 24×24. Both our 24×18 and 24x24custom printed magnetic car and truck signs magnets which are perfect for outdoor andcar magnets. Both magnets are 30 milthick with round corners.24x18 Custom Printed Magnetic Car and Truck Signs Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners
  • Magnetic Car SignsThese custom magnets come in two sizes as well which are 24×12 and 24×18. These custom magnets are made to stick for a long time in a car’s surface. You can order these and place it on any type of vehicle that you have. Both of these custom magnets and all of our other magnets are reasonably priced making it easy for you to invest on it.24x18 Promotional Magnetic Car and Truck Signs Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners
  • Car Door Magnets These custom magnets comes in 12×12 and 24×24. Though these are specialized for car doors it still has the same impact of visibility as the other automotive magnets.12x12 Custom Car Door Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners
  • Truck Magnetic SignsThese custom magnets are ideally for trucks or large vehicles. It comes in sizes 12×12 and 24×24 at a very affordable price.24x24 Custom Truck Magnetic Signs Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

All of our custom magnets are made of UV safe material making it enough to survive different temperatures.If you want to be creative with your designs then you may go ahead and do that. We have our graphic artists who will assist you with it. At, we make sure that we are able to deliver your needs because we aim for a 100% customer satisfaction. These custom magnets are the practical and effective promotional tool that will help drive your business to success.

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