Custom Awareness Ribbon Magnets – Everything You Need To Know

Custom awareness ribbon magnets that took off with 9/11 yellow ribbons have evolved to be the awareness icon for many businesses and organizations. Today, ribbon magnets are used to spread awareness on various causes like Breast Cancer, Autism, hearts care, blood donation and many others. These magnets will not just highlight your logo but your social commitment too, which makes it different from other promotional gifts. Ribbon magnets double up as profitable fund raisers for many groups.

Awareness ribbons are available in many patterns like car magnets, windshield stickers, or even lapel pins and in all these forms, ribbons convey your support to the world for a certain cause or organization.

Here are some of the ribbon magnets that you can consider for your brand promotion or awareness campaigns

2.6875×2.25 Custom Awareness Ribbon Shape Magnets 20 Mil: These blue ribbon shaped magnets can be employed by advertisers who wish to raise awareness on autism. Though these can be used throughout the year, these make exceptional hand outs during Autism Day. Imprint your logo, message and awareness slogans before handing these out to ensure the maximum impact.2.6875x2.25 Custom Awareness Ribbon Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Pink ribbon magnets make perfect hand outs for breast cancer awareness campaigns and fund raising events. The familiar pink ribbon shape will give it a distinct advantage as you can spread your logo and social message without any concerted effort.2.6875x2.25 Promotional Awareness Ribbon Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Custom Awareness Ribbon Side Custom Magnets with Rectangle 20 Mil will make a great item to effectively spread your social information and business message alike. While the ribbon presents the unmistakable awareness icon the rectangle will have ample space for your information and logo, which will never go unnoticed. Advertisers can seek it in bulk for the best rates and offers.3.56x2.45 Custom Awareness Ribbon Side Custom Magnets with Rectangle 20 Mil

Custom Printed Ribbon Shape Magnets – Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil: Give your cause the much desired portability with these logo magnets. Imprint your logo and message on these delightful ribbon magnets that double up as artwork for cars. Your recipients will surely love to retain these pink ribbon magnets as souvenirs or tokens of the day for long even after the cancer awareness events.2.68x2.25 Custom Printed Ribbon Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Reiterate your support for a cause with our custom magnets, which are well suited for breast cancer awareness, equality rights, Veterans Day, patriotism support and more. All of our Ribbon Magnets are made in the USA with high quality magnetic material while our outdoor magnets have UV protected links.

Custom ribbon magnets are available in various colors that symbolize various awareness campaigns. For instance pink ribbon magnets are associated with breast cancer awareness, Yellow Ribbons are used as symbols of hope and to support our troops while Red ribbon magnets are for HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns, heart disease, substance abuse or MADD. So, what is your social cause and your color for ribbon magnets?

We at have ribbon magnets for every single cause. Start shopping right away!