2016 Magnetic Calendars – 10% Off On Your First Order

The drum roll for the unveiling of 2016 is already on and the New Year will bring new hopes and new targets for everyone. So, can there be a better promotional gift than 2016 calendar magnets that help your recipients to keep track of their schedules and progress charts?4x7 Custom Bar Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Think New Year, think 2016 Magnetic calendars! Eye catching and easy to hand out or send by mail, calendar magnets will stand out easily. People always gaze up a calendar many times a day to check what date it is, find the day on which July 4th falls or to keep track of the vacations, family holidays or weddings on the anvil. That would mean that your logo and message on these will enjoy as much attention as the calendar itself!

Custommagnetsdirect.com has come up with a range of promotional magnetic calendars for 2016. The big plus is our New Year bonanza of 10% discount on your first order! So, what are you waiting for? Send in your bulk orders for these promotional magnets and grab the best deals. Light weight and attractive, magnetic calendars are well suited for mass mailer campaigns, tradeshows or for holiday season sales. No matter how you wish to employ these logo calendars, the fact remains that your message and brand will never fail to grab the attention of everyone around.4x7 Custom Home Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Let’s be frank about it. Everyone needs magnetic calendars for their homes, offices or even for their cars to keep track of the dates or days and to stick to their schedules. So, by handing out these logo calendars you are rest assured of a consistent brand exposure of many times in a single day for a whole year ahead! Not many promotional gifts can match the brand exposure that calendars offer, which makes it one of the time tested marketing tools for all advertisers.

Personalized calendars are perfect options to get your message stay in front of your customers year round. These make a vital element in any marketing strategy and these logo products can be used in a variety of effective ways to boost your brand campaign.

How to use promotional calendars

  • Replace appointment reminders with Calendars
  • Distribute with seasonal greeting cards or holiday season newsletters
  • Use calendar magnets to announce your New Year deals and promotions

Magnetic calendars are practical gifts that nobody can resist. The versatile nature of calendars makes it a perfect pick to reach out to every genre of customers irrespective of age or gender considerations. From real estate calendar magnets to school calendar magnets and more, there is a long range of promotional calendar magnets for every business promotions. Choose from a range of interesting color choices and designs that range from fun themes to classic or quirky to make sure that these magnets never fail to work for your brand.

Imprint your logo, message and inspirational quotes on these convenient and popular magnetic calendars to ensure the maximum message power and exposure. Practical and attractive, calendar magnets have a wide imprint area too for your message to make a highly visible refrigerator billboards that nobody can afford to miss out!

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