Everything you should know on Custom Magnet Fund Raisers For The Covid -19 Cause 

The pandemic has impacted the world in a drastic way.  It has caused businesses to close, schools to defer reopening indefinitely and offices to work remotely. If you are planning a fund raising event during these challenging times for the aid of those affected by the pandemic or the welfare of the frontline health care personnel, these tips will help you make a great start.

Custom Coronavirus Prevention Magnets 25 Mil Square Corners

Whether you wish to raise money for food banks, homeless shelters, non- profit health care centers, small businesses or people who have been impacted the most, a magnet fund raiser is the best way to go about it and make a big difference.

What makes Magnet Fundraiser a great choice?

Magnets are budget friendly, popular and easily sellable. Many people who want to help people affected by the pandemic will find it a handy way to be part of this social cause. Often people don’t know how to help or may only have a small budget for this cause.  Magnetic fund raisers will satisfy all their requirements and make it easy for them to support the cause.

4x7 Custom Coronavirus Prevention Magnets 25 Mil Square Corners

Custom magnets are versatile. You can customize the way you wish to drive home your message in an effective way. Whether it is to show appreciation for specific workers or remind the public to follow social distancing or wash their hands, a magnet fundraiser will be a smart choice.

The low cost advantage of magnets makes it easy to sell at reasonable rates and raise funds for the cause. Even people who cannot spare much cash to support local communities can get involved since custom Coronavirus awareness magnets aren’t expensive.  The best part is that these full color, factory direct magnets that are made in the USA will offer ample customization options to make it effective and bang on target.

Magnet Fundraiser for Groups

A magnet fundraiser can be run not just in community level or in any particular organization. It can be effectively used even by small groups like school groups, church groups, sports leagues and more. Get your message, logo or a simple design imprinted on it to make it special. People will love to stick it on their car doors to highlight their social commitment.  Outdoor safe and designed to withstand the elements, these car magnets will last long and continue to spread the social awareness message for a long time. Fund raising magnets can be both used to raise money for your needs and help a local organization as you can donate a percentage of proceeds to a local food bank or another cause.

Printed Coronavirus Prevention Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

COVID-19 Magnets  to support Health Care Professionals

Raise money and extend your support for the frontline workers all at once through COVID-19 magnet fundraiser. Choose from various models and sizes in awareness magnets including both indoor and outdoor magnets to suit your needs.

Tell us your fund raising needs and we can help you to create the perfect custom Coronavirus awareness magnet for your fundraiser.


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