Pink ribbon refrigerator magnets 20ml -Excellent mailer campaign items for the Breast cancer awareness month

October is National breast cancer awareness month and the “Pink Ribbon Day” that falls on the fourth Monday will make a perfect day for fundraising, awareness drives and support of breast cancer research. People will be glad to stick a pink ribbon magnet on their refrigerator doors, filing cabinets or any prominent place in their home or office any day to show their support to the noble cause of spreading awareness of breast cancer and your logo will get a well deserved exposure in the process.

2.6875x2.25 Custom Ribbon Shape Full Color Magnet

If you are planning a mass mailer campaign on breast cancer awareness campaign, 2.6875×2.25 Promotional Awareness Ribbon Shape Magnets 20 Mil will be a good option. Sleek and light weight , these magnets will make a great hand out for women clients and customers. Imprint your logo and business message to make your brand a household name.

The bright pink color and the smooth ribbon shape of these magnets make it a top choice among refrigerator magnets. Most people cannot resist these delightful promotional magnets that stand for a noble cause of spreading awareness on breast cancer the second largest killer in the US next only to skin cancer.

Business owners while supporting charities should consider a common ailment that people can instantly relate to. Breast Cancer Awareness promotional items like pink ribbon refrigerator magnets, make a practical business gift that associate your company with an extremely positive movement.

2.6875x2.25 Ribbon Shape Full Color Outdoor Magnet

Ribbon shaped magnets can be employed by commercial, non-commercial, and individuals who wish to be part of the breast cancer awareness campaigns. These will always remain favorites among the masses and are often retained for a long time period even after the observance gets over.

When it comes to promotional marketing, there is nothing more important to a business than projecting an image of personal responsibility and general caring. There are innumerable charities dedicated to specific diseases and ailments, and by supporting such an organization a small business can expect positive brand reinforcement.

Though the National Breast Cancer Awareness month will make a perfect time for handing out these promotional products these pink ribbon magnets remain popular all around the year. During the breast cancer awareness month, various events like massive parades, charity events and health marathons will be organized, which makes October the perfect month for promotional products like magnets with a breast cancer ribbon. Marketers can make these promotional gifts more useful for the recipients by imprinting useful information such as risk factors or symptoms of this deadly disease, which can even save a life by encouraging early diagnosis.

A corporate gift that supports a good cause always enjoys a red carpet welcome among all sections of the customers. Building up goodwill and a public image will open up a lot of business opportunities for any business line and by supporting a charitable organization, your brand will get a humane profile that works for the well-being of the customers. Budget marketers can ensure the best savings by ordering in bulk to make their brand promo a huge success.