Why is Awareness Collared Shirt Shape Magnet Going to be Your Take in 2014?

A collared shirt symbolizes respect, dignity and modesty and most of the clothed and civilized societies around the world can easily identify with it. Collared shirt shape magnets are extremely popular with fashion stores, jersey stores, sports stores, sports gear accessories stores, and many more. No doubt, when imprinted with business information, this magnet can do some real marketing. What if you can use it for awareness generation? How? Here we explore some possibilities of utilizing this modest awareness collared shirt shape magnet for value building-

Why is Awareness Collared Shirt Shape Magnet Going to be Your Take in 2014?

Clean Clothes Campaign – It is a civil society campaign waged by non –governmental organizations and labor unions in Europe to improve working conditions in sportswear and garment industries. The CCC campaign is being waged on global level through network of 250 organizations. Many trade unions, consumer groups, awareness groups, labor law activists, researchers support this movement. If you are one of them wishing to raise awareness about pathetic working conditions of workers in garment and sportswear related niches, then, feel free to invest in awareness collared shirt magnet. You can get it done with multi color imprints. It makes a good year around giveaway because the garment and sportswear is a big industry accounting for billions of dollars and many economies around the world thrive on its income. It becomes an inspiring giveaway during social or fashion events, where people largely tend to ignore the underlying conditions of workers in the industry and efforts or toil that goes it to put up the beautiful face forward.

Breast Cancer Awareness Support Campaign – Made in USA – is a proud choice for truly American businesses and they have been using this term to fight against the breast cancer. Breast cancer awareness is a cause closer to heart of many Americans who wish to make difference to the society. It has been seen that recently large number of American clothing brands have been supporting this cause by donating some percentage of their sales profit towards awareness generation for breast cancer awareness. If you are one of the brands supporting the cause or an inspired individual then feel free to express your thoughts through this purely made in USA custom awareness collared shirt magnet.

Child Labor & Child Rights – It is one of the widely criticized and debated issues around the world.  With increasing cases of pedophilia, child abuse, child labor being widely reported around the world, if being a responsible individual, you think it is your duty to raise awareness about these issues then feel free to indulge and act through this personalized awareness collared shirt shaped magnet.

You can grab price benefits and value advantages such as free shipping, free art set up and design – if you purchase these highly inspiring awareness collared shirt shaped magnet from any reliable online custom magnets stores.