5 Top Reasons Why Every Business Should Consider Business Card Magnets

Business cards are the time tested means to formally introduce your brand to your audience. However, traditional paper cards have long been trendy and long lasting business card magnets because the latter is more long lasting and well retained than paper cards. If you have not given much thought about using these state of the art business card magnets, here are five top reasons you will find compelling enough to add business magnets into your marketing mix.

2x3.5 Custom Law Firm Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Long lasting

Traditional paper business cards will get torn or misplaced easily and after a while these may look far from presentable for you to put it in front of the prospective clients. Ripped edges and smeared ink imprints can all cast a very bad image. This is where business card magnets score a few brownie points. These look great and last a long time and will remind your recipients about your message.

Business Card Magnets Look Great

Business card magnets leave the best first impression of your brand in front of your customers. The high quality business cards will last a life time and will keep your brand right in front of your customers. These custom magnets will make their way straight on to the fridge doors of your recipients and will remain there for a long while. Business card magnets will never get trashed unlike paper cards.

Business Card Magnets Are Useful

Business card magnets not just keep the contact details of businesses but will double up as fridge decor items as well. Most people also use them to keep their reminders and kids artwork that they wish to display. Every time they take a look at these, they will see your brand as well, which means that your brand recall will go up tremendously.

Cost effective

Magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions, which makes business card magnets fare better than paper cards. Custom magnets give ensured ROI as well because these will have a long shelf life than most other custom items. The amount of exposure that business card magnets ensure is more than most other promotional items. As long as these magnets get displayed, they continue to work for the company, which is something paper cards cannot do!


Business card magnets make a unique handout for your customers as they may never expect to get something unusual as these. These quirky business cards stand out against the heaps of postcards, newspaper ads and flyers that your audience is likely to get on a daily basis. Thus your company will get spotted easily for being unique and different, especially in heavily saturated markets. To grab most of the short attention span of your customers you may need something that is a wee bit different from the ordinary and that is what makes custom business card magnets a hot choice.

We have a range of business card magnets in all possible shapes and sizes. Find the best prices and options in business card magnets to make your brand stick in the memory of your audience for a long time.

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