8 Interesting Ideas For Making Business Card Magnets More Effective As Promotional Items

Personalized business card magnets make highly effective marketing tools as these are well retained and will keep your message and name displayed in front of your customers for a very long time. Full color business card magnets draw easy attention and improve your brand recall. Business Card magnets are probably the most popular size in custom magnets. Compact and light weight, these can be enclosed in newsletters, mailers and other business correspondence. Personalize these with brand and message to make it effective marketing tools.

Most people love to have promotional magnets on their refrigerator doors. These not just add a speck of color and identity to the plain doors of your refrigerators but make a hold up for the daily reminders of your recipients and the kids artwork among others. Business card magnets are well suited to promote all types of businesses that range from banks to pizzerias and auto spare stores among others. Personalize these with your brand and message and every time your audience sees these logo items they will be reminded of your brand. Next time when they need to access your services or brand they know where to look for your contact details.

2x3.5 Custom Printed Dental Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

To make sure that your business card magnets stand out in the sea of custom magnets, you have to think about creative ideas to customize these.

  1. Add a calendar to make it more value added
    By adding a calendar to your business card, you can get your audience refer your brand frequently. Sports and game schedules will also make a popular addition to magnetic business cards.
  2. Add a QR code
    Let your recipients find out more about your business by putting a QR code, which will take them right into your website.
  3. Enhance your brand appeal
    By adding images and attractive slogans to the business card your brand will get more impressions and your brand recall among your customers will go up manifold.
  4. Branding continuity
    Your business card magnets can be in the same theme and identity of your other promotional materials. Branding continuity will go a long way in building up trust in clients.
  5. Make it visually appealing
    Your recipients should love to pick up your business card magnets and display it at their homes and offices. So, make sure the magnets are designed attractively to not just please the eyes of the fridge owners but also for the friends and family who steal a glance at the fridge door while coffee is being made.
  6. Offer them a good reason to place it on fridge
    Make your magnetic business cards an easy reference item for your recipients by imprinting helpful tips like first aid tips, yearly calendars, emergency numbers and more. You can also imprint inspirational quotes and images on these to ensure that your business card magnets get readily slapped on to the fridge doors.
  7. As Sandwich board items
    Business owners with metal sandwich boards can tempt the passersby to pick up a magnet as they walk past by keeping magnets along the edge of the sign. This will make sure that your business cards reach not just your existing clients but also the hands of those who have not availed your services yet.
  8. Special offers
    Imprint a limited time offer on a separate card that can be fixed to the magnet to build up interest among your audience.

Do you have any other interesting ways to make business card magnets more appealing? If yes, do share with us by posting comments.