Benefits Of Personalized Business Card Magnets That You Might Not Even Know

Turning your business card into a magnet makes a sure shot way to make your brand stay in the minds of potential buyers. When your recipients are in need of your products they know where to look because they keep seeing your contact details every time they open their fridge doors. A full color magnet will be a great way to make people take note of your brand as these stand out from the cache of magnets that hang on the door.

2x3.5 Custom Garden Nursery Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

The ubiquitous items of business card magnets are often taken for granted that most people fail to see some of its unique advantages. Here are some of the benefits of business card magnets, which can be exploited in your forthcoming promotions.

Popular as tradeshow handouts

Networking events are the time for you to exchange your business cards the most. Magnets make a fun and functional promotional item that will keep your audience reminded of your brand after they go home. Large magnet card magnets are great options for existing customers while smaller business cards will do the trick of drawing the attention of first time prospects to your brand. You can enhance the value and retention of these magnetic business cards by adding calendars, any other useful information like kitchen conversion units , emergency numbers or tax due dates among others. Make it part of your tradeshow swag to leave a lasting impression. Full color imprint, snazzy quotes or interesting artwork will all make these magnets enjoy a permanent place on the fridge doors of your recipients.

As mass mailer items

Light weight and easy to dispatch, these logo items can be mail dropped to customers of your targeted district. For added impact, you can use it along with business correspondence like magazines or newsletters. Magnetic business cards are cheap to produce, which makes it ideal for mass mailer campaign and promotions.

As surprise handouts

Magnetic business cards can be added with store purchases or can be used as fish bowl items at the bill counter and can be handed out to existing clients as tokens of appreciation for their support.

Ease of personalization

Magnets are easy to personalize with any message, logo, design or image. Available in various shapes and sizes, business owners can easily find a model that suits their branding needs.


Designed to last long, these custom magnets will ensure a long lasting display of your brand and message at easy rates and assured ROI. Business card magnets can enhance sales and brand recall at the lowest rate per impressions as it involves no repeat investment or effort.


Magnetic business cards are fun items that people love to stick these to the metallic surfaces in homes or office spaces.

Identifying Customers

To ensure more conversion of leads you can cleverly suggest spots where your recipients can use magnets, which is most beneficial to you. For instance if you are an appliance service stores, encourage your customers to keep their business card magnets on their washers or driers.


Custom business card magnets are fun ways to leave your personal stamp in the minds of your customers. Make sure that your custom magnets stand out from the rest by choosing magnets that are of unique shape or color. For instance a gold colored business card magnet will complement your high end service while ecofriendly notekeeper magnets will make a good choice to promote environment awareness campaigns or nature clubs among others. Choose magnets that leave a personal stamp of your brand identity.

The benefits that these custom magnets enjoy will surely make these logo items great options to get your brand on to the hands of your customers. Shop right away!