Build Your Brand with Imprinted Business Card Magnets

Are you a business owner? Would you like to invite influential people? Think of business card magnets to stay connected with your target audience and make new leads.

Business cards have always been a proven way to introduce brands and highlight your reliability and track record. However, paper business card have given its way to the sleek and long lasting magnetic business cards that do not get misplaced ever!

Bakery Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Every time when your recipients need to reach you, your contact details will always be in their plain view. These attractive full color magnets will get a proud display on fridge doors and filing cabinets and make a long lasting billboard for your message.

Build your own brand and make people remember about it better!  A smartly customized business card magnet will help you stand out in the competition and give your customers the bragging rights for life.

Resort Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Offered in a range of shapes and sizes, these light weight and compact business cards will fit in purses and bags easily. Did you know that magnetic business cards cost you only as much as paper cards? So, you can handout these cards during mass promotional events like mailer campaigns and tradeshows without breaking your budget.

Make it unique

Your business card magnet should complement your business and align with your mission. So, come up with some original and creative ideas that will get easy attention of your audience. Whether it is an interesting artwork, a spicy tagline , your logo or a call to action message- No matter how you wish to go about it, business card magnets will  get instant attention. Just make sure to keep your message short and sweet!

Stand out!

Looking for something different than the customary models? Choose from themed designs, outdoor business card magnets for cars, business card magnetic clips and a lot more. Look for brilliant prints and big and bold text that will grab easy attention. Make the most of the imprint space to highlight your message and that’s the best way to be remembered!

Square Corner Business Card Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil

Lowest cost per impressions

Priced at only a few cents, business card magnets have the lowest costs per impressions. These branding juggernauts will never stop working for you and ensure the best value for money. Just buy it once, distribute to new or existing customers and see how it makes consistent impressions for your business without making any repeat effort or investment. Can you think of any other promo items with a similar branding potential?

Have a better idea to include business card magnets in your marketing mix? Share your thoughts