Business Card Magnets – Start New Year Promotions On A Sure Note

Business card magnets make a great investment as these ensure more value for your money. These make your first hand shake with the prospects truly special and unique. While customary paper cards can get damaged or misplaced easily, business card magnets stay safe on the fridge door, on a locker door or even on a whiteboard to keep your contact details right in plain view of the users.  Easy to store and distribute, these win hands down as handouts for all types of massive events like trade shows.

Make your first impression the best with these custom business card magnets. Sleek and fashion forward, these make a great way to introduce your brand and engage your audience in a fun way. The best part- your audience will have your contact details right in their eye span.

Beauty Salon Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Magnetic business cards also make great talking topics.  Nobody can resist these attractive, full color magnets that stand out from fridge doors and other ferrous surfaces at homes and offices. These magnets are easy to customize as well. Think of witty taglines, a strong call to action message or a head turning artwork that will pique quick interest among your audience.

Did you know that business card magnets are available as outdoor magnets as well? So, set out on a whirl wind promotional drive with these vibrant magnets that will scream your message to everyone around.

 While paper cards disappear in wallets to never show up again, magnetic business cards act like mini billboards, keeping you on people’s minds long after your first interaction. Made from premium quality magnetic stock material, these magnets are well retained. People find it useful as a refrigerator décor items or even a handy way to latch up their reminders and shopping lists.

Pizza Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Business card magnets have more visibility than ordinary business cards. People put them on refrigerators, file cabinets and memo boards, where they’ll likely be seen by more than one person every day. Gain more brand exposure at easy rates with these magnets that never get discarded.

Custom magnets have an old fashioned charm about it; these fare well as collectibles as well. So, your ad imprinted on these magnets comes without an expiry date unlike conventional advertisements like billboards or news paper ads that need to be renewed after its tenure.

Choose from a wide range of models including those in various sizes, shapes and thicknesses to suit your promotional theme and leave the best impression.

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