Custom Business Card Magnets –Create A Long Lasting First Impression

Business card magnets will make your first handshake with your audience special and go a long way in introducing your brand in a formal way. Unlike paper business cards that get damaged or misplaced easily, magnetic business cards will set a professional tone for your services and will show your audience that you are prepared. These sleek magnets will sum up your professional identity and go a long way in business networking and while meeting new people in your business or social environment.

Custom Business Card Magnets –Create A Long Lasting First Impression

Business card magnets that stand out with an interesting design or attractive color will grab easy attention of everyone- they’ll be more likely to look at it time and again! These sleek and thin custom magnets that are of the same size as a paper business card will easily fit in your wallet or pocket and make a great way to start a business conversation any time anywhere. You can carry them wherever you go and when you hand these out to your clients or customers, they will indeed be pleased to have an attractive full color magnetic card that will remain safe on their fridge doors or filing cabinets. Next time when they need your services, they will know where to find your contact details.

2x3.5 Promotional Business Card Round Corner Magnets 25 Mil

Business card magnets are available in a range of attractive sizes and models, which will give the marketers a free hand in choosing the best. Offered in various thicknesses and indoor and outdoor models, business card magnets will go a long way in making your business popular. Choosing the best models in business card magnets makes only half your job done as customizations holds the trump card in drawing the attention of people.

Here are some handy tips to make your business card magnets stand out.

Simplicity is the key

Make sure to imprint just the basic details to make the business cards look clean and easy to read. Squeezing in too much information may not be a good idea as it could leave the audience confused. Make sure to keep the texts properly spaced out and readable.

Make it unique

Make your business cards stand out from the rest of the crop of magnets on the fridge doors by choosing unique colors, taglines or artwork that will instinctively bring the audience closer to your brand. Make sure it has a professional touch about and looks impressive. Always add something special that makes it interesting. Peel and stick business cards or door hanger with business cards are some of the innovative models on offer.

2x3.5 Peel and Stick Business Card Magnets

Your brand is the focal point

It is recommended to use one side of the cards exclusively for the brand and the slogan and the other side can be used to list out your services or call to action message. It will make it easy for the users to remember your brand and recognize your business with a visual aspect.

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