Custom Business Card Magnets- The Formal Way To Highlight Your Brand Identity

Business cards often become the first point of contact with the prospects for marketers even in this digital age of email campaigns and social media promotions. Let’s be frank about it!  Business card magnets remain one of those marketing essentials that people still prefer. It makes a neat presentation of your brand. You can get them in practically any shape and size, in any finish and in any design. Magnetic business cards have a charm about it and will never get discarded.

2x3.5 Custom Dry Cleaners Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Why business card magnets

Wise investment

Business card magnets ensure a high value investment for your brand as they continue to make consistent impressions without any repeat effort or repeat expenses. Priced almost at the cost of their paper counterparts, business card magnets enjoy a very high retention and visibility.


Business card magnets can be imprinted with your brand, message or artwork in full color to make it a high visibility billboard for your brand. Often your customers will have multiple magnets on their fridge doors. To stand out of the crop, you need make your magnets unique and attention grabbing. Cards that are unique have better chances of getting picked up first by your prospects. Make sure to highlight your unique selling point in a crisp and precise manner. Colorful artwork or helpful tips, calendars or sports schedules can also be imprinted on these magnets to make them highly engaging for your audience.

Staying Power

Magnets enjoy an incredible staying power and will make your brand seen often enough among your audience and your business becomes subconsciously imprinted on your customers’ mind. Next time when your customers need your products or services, your brand will come to their mind almost instinctively. Magnetic business cards remain on the fridge doors forever. Imagine the exposure your brand will get in a day when your customers visit their fridge multiple times.


Compared to the conventional paper cards, magnetic business cards are more durable and will stay on the fridge doors for many years. Most people will find fridge magnets a delightful addition to their collection, which means magnets will never get removed.


Magnetic business cards not just provide contact information about your business but will double up as a handy way to hold up their shopping lists or kids artwork where they will always see. The big bonus; even the guests at home or office will find these magnetic business cards interesting and your brand will get a highly curious secondary audience in the process.

Whatever business you do, make sure that your business cards have something that you would be proud to give to your potential customers. Business card magnets will give you more brand exposure with minimal effort. Shop today!