Custom Business Card Magnets – The Proven Way to Gain Customers

Marketers can’t survive the competition without having business card magnets in their wallets. It makes a handy way to make a spot introduction of their business when they   meet new clients who may be in need of their services. It is indeed an essential marketing tool for every entrepreneur.

Business card magnets will make a great formal introduction of your business among the prospects and make your first hand shake the most memorable for them. Get your logo, message and artwork imprinted on these full color business card magnets that will help the audience  to know more about your business and  reach out to you should they need  your services.

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Make your business cards stand out from that of your competitors by making it something special. Apart from your basic contact details think of other useful information like emergency contact numbers, calendars, CPR tips or something more that the audience will find useful. A  colorful artwork is another smart way to grab easy attention and inspire the audience to keep it on their fridge doors for a long time.

Business card magnets often make delightful fridge décor items apart from being a handy pin up for the recipients to keep their shopping lists and reminders safe and at easy access. Choose from business card magnets in various models and sizes to match your promotional needs. The best part is that these sleek and long lasting magnetic cards are seldom displaced or damaged unlike the old school paper cards, which makes it a value added ingredient in your marketing mix.

 Think of creative ways to distribute magnetic business cards

There are many ways for you to distribute business card magnets. You can include these cards in your product package, business mailers or as trade show swag among others. It is a perfect way to get your business information right into the hands of your audience and reinforce the business relations.

Ensure Word of mouth publicity

Business card magnets set off word of mouth publicity. Anyone who happens to see these full- color, imprinted business cards that pop out from the fridge doors will be curious to ask more about your business. If  your business cards are something unique, they will indeed be excited to talk about your brand among their friends, which in turn will take your message into a wider audience.

Add a theme to your business cards

Adding a theme to the business card magnets will make it complement the particular festive season. For instance, if you are planning a holiday promotion during Christmas or New Year, it will be a smart idea to customize magnetic business cards in a theme that matches its flair and colors. It will make a great way to engage the audience with your business and let them know of the special holiday offer that you may have!

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