Generate More Business With Custom Business Card Magnets

In the digital age, emails and conference calls might have replaced snail mails and hand written letters to  a large extent. However, there are some things that hardly change. Business cards still continue to be a traditional business practice that is here to stay for sure.

3.5x2 Custom Business Card Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

However, paper business cards get discarded or damaged easily and that is what makes business card magnets hugely popular. These make the first contact point between your brand and the prospects; hence marketers cannot afford to take these lightly. Business card magnets are truly personal and effective direct marketing tools. Customize these cleverly to make them stand out. Add your logo, a punch line or a funny artwork or mascot to engage your recipients with your business easily. Business card magnets help you generate more business and stand out from the competitors. Business card magnets are hard to get overlooked thanks to the full color imprints and a range of interesting models on offer.

Here are some good reasons that make business card magnets a great addition to your marketing mix.

High Presentation Value

Business cards have a high perceived value; every time you hand out these cards to a new contact you make a tangible connection that can be crucial. The high presentation value of business cards is instantly noticed. Business card magnets offer a decent imprint space for you to place your brand and message. These will never get misplaced or discarded and make their way to the fridge doors or filing cabinets of your recipients. The best part- business card magnets make great talking topics among your audience, which means that your networking capabilities go up exponentially.


While ordinary paper business cards are likely to be damaged easily, business card magnets are designed to last long. Made in USA from premium quality materials, these factory direct business card magnets make an elegant way to introduce your business during tradeshows and high profile business events. Business card magnets do not get bent, or damaged due to weather or humidity levels, and the quality lasts for a long time after you give them out.

Stand out

Business card magnets will help you stand out in an effective way to generate new customers and reinforce your business relationships. Offered in a range of options and themes, you can easily choose a model that complements your business line. We even have unique models like outdoor business card magnets and door hanger with business card magnets to cater to your unique needs.

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