Get More Return On Your Investment With Business Card Magnets

No business deals can happen without the exchange of business cards. Though these are everywhere, not many people think about the stupendous role that business cards play in helping brands to stay ahead in the competition. Now you can make your business presentation smarter with these state-of-the-art business card magnets that are a generation apart from the old school paper cards! Apart from communicating all the important bits of information like contact details and location, business card magnets make a ready reference tool for your customers to reach you and stay in touch with you!

2x3.5 Personalized Business Card Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

While paper cards get lost or torn easily and fail to turn up when someone needs them, magnetic business cards always stay put right in front of the eyes of your customers. Be it on the fridge doors or filing cabinets, this superior-quality, made in USA magnets will easily make the hottest banter topic for your recipients. Business card magnets ensure more return on investment for marketers and make a high value investment that will continue to work for your brand for a very long time without any repeat effort or investment.

Here are some reasons that make business card magnets a high value promotional item that make it worth your investment.

  1. Low initial investment: Business card magnets do not involve a high initial investment and there are models that would cost you just as much a paper card itself! This makes business card magnets a great choice for marketers on a budget.
  2. High retention: Magnetic business cards will remain safe and easily accessible on the fridge doors or other visible surfaces rather than get trashed. Paper cards on the other hand have a higherchances of getting trashed, torn or lost.
  3. Visual appeal: Full color business card magnets look good for a long time and will double up as a fridge décor or a hold up for all those little shopping lists and recipes.
  4. More brand exposure: Nobody can overlook your brand on these refrigerator magnets because on an average a person opens the fridge door atleast 20-25 times to take food or grab a drink. Every time your recipients see your brand, your brand recall will get enhanced. True to the axiom “out of sight and out of mind” businesses that remind their target market about their brand are more likely to stay in the race than others who do not. Customers have a short attention span and in a market that is deluded with countless brands, it is easy for them to forget about you and go elsewhere.
  5. Subtle marketing: Magnetic business cards make an interesting handout rather than a promotional document with a heavy marketing tone and hence have a much higher retention value.

Business card magnets can be used as marketing tools, store promotional items, discount coupons, tradeshow handouts and more. These custom magnets provide a much better return on your investment and can be used alone or along with other promotional items to cater to your unique promotional needs.

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