How Business Card Magnets Make A Potent Marketing Tool

A business card is the first contact point of your business with the prospective customers. Ideally a business card should engage your customers with your brand and encourage them to do business with your organization. An attractive and unique business card like a custom card magnet can perform a lot of tasks for your brand including advertising your brand and projecting your business image.2x3.5 Peel and Stick Business Card Magnets

Why business card magnets
Business card magnets will enjoy a long retention unlike ordinary paper cards and will serve as a reminder long after the owner has left the place. Imprint your logo, phone number or address and every time they see these business card magnets on their refrigerator doors or filing cabinets, they will be reminded of your logo and message. Repeat impressions add up to the brand loyalty and popularity and next time when your customers need any product or services similar as yours, they will have no doubt on where to look for the contact details!

These attractive business cards not just scream out your message to your recipients but also make an interesting conversation starter in their social circles. Interesting business cards get passed on from one person to another, thereby ensuring repeat brand impression without any investment or effort.2x3.5 Personalized Business Card Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

A few interesting ways to distribute business cards
While tradeshows and mass mailer campaign are undeniably the best way to get your card out to the maximum number of people, these are not just the ways to distribute business cards. It is important to make sure that your business cards reach your target audience.

  • It will be smart idea to keep your card in a fish bowl at your sales counter or in some strategic places of easy access like in office buildings, libraries or sports clubs. People will be curious to know the details on the cards and will only be happy to get these refrigerator magnets as freebies.
  • You can even stick a few of these magnetic business cards in your office bulletin board (of course it has to be metallic) and the customers who come to your office might be pleased to have a few of these. See how easily these attractive and eye catching business cards set off word of mouth publicity! Every time your customers check in, they will be tempted to check whether you have put in fresh cards.

Make the cards informative
Make the business card magnets sleek, attractive and informative alike, which will make it worth carrying for your recipients. Imprint your name, contact number and other relevant details in attractive colors and fonts to grab easy attention. Choose from a range of attractive model like 2×3.5 Peel and Stick Business Card Magnets, outdoor and car business card magnets or custom business cards with magnets among many others. We at Custommagnetsdirect have custom magnets that are industry specific for various businesses lines like attorneys, dentist, realtors, schools and many more. Browse our impressive collection and choose magnetic business cards that complement your promotional theme.

So, don’t you think it is high time to stop handing out those boring paper business cards to get more business? Get creative with your promotion with these logo items that every customer will love for sure!

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