How To Share Your Business Card Magnets – A Few Tips

Business card magnets are the best ways to tell your valued patrons what you are all about! From brick and mortar stores to large multinational corporations and every other business in between needs business card magnets. These make a high value, pocket sized marketing opportunity.

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Here are some great ways to share business cards so these are sure to be noticed – and remembered!

Your business card should be with a Purpose

Your business card should stand out from the rest of the cards in the deck for its purpose. Customize these with your call to action message, artwork or tagline to grab easy attention. These will adhere easily to refrigerators and filing cabinets and will continue to remind your recipients about your brand and services.  Put your creative caps on to come up with some great ideas.

Planning a corporate dinner or a company event? You can customize these business cards as tickets for the event or as a discount coupon for the upcoming special sales event. Add discount coupons, important information, kitchen conversion units or something else to make them a little extra special. It will be a tempting reason for your recipients to take a look at these magnetic cards more often.

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A Fun Twist!

Business cards need not be bland and boring! You can add a fun twist to your business cards by including some fun facts, trivia or brain teasers that will readily engage your audience.

 Be tech savvy!

Adding a QR code or a discount code for visiting your website is an easy way to track the effectiveness of your business cards.

Restaurant Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Highlight your social commitment

Wish to give back to the community or support a social cause? Make sure to highlight your social commitment by including a small line about your support on your business card magnet. It will inspire many others to join the bandwagon and offer support to the cause.

Now for some interesting ways to distribute these business card magnets

You can send your magnetic business card magnets along with invoices to both existing and potential vendors and suppliers. A well designed business card often makes a gateway to make new leads and create interest in  your business.

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At street corner promotions

Hand out the business cards at the street corner in random to reach a fresh audience. It is a very wider strategy with a reasonable success rate

House to house campaigns

Drop your business card magnets at the mail boxes of houses in your neighborhood to spread the word and increase the goodwill. It is a nice way to engage the community with your business in a subtle way.

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