Nothing Says Your Brand Better Than Business Card  Magnets

Why use business cards? It is easily the fastest and easiest way to share business contact information with your customers and clients and to remind them of your business. Business card magnets increase your brand visibility and make a  handy reference item for your clients. Magnetic business cards on a fridge or filing cabinet will keep your contact information in plain view of the  customers rather than hidden away in a drawer or wallet.

 Reports say that for 77% of consumers a promotional product’s usefulness is the number-one reason to keep it. Business card magnets are highly useful to keep their shopping lists and photos that they’d like to hang on their fridge or filing cabinet. Thus your business card could be the product that they use and see multiple times a day!

If you are looking for a product with a purpose on a budget business card magnet will be a great choice. Made from premium quality magnetic stock material, it will make a direct reflection of the company.  Make your business cards exceptionally impressive and attention grabbing to ensure maximum attention.

2x3.5 Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners for $160

Here are some tips that will make your business card magnets truly valuable

Double visibility

If you have multiple businesses that complement one another, you can imprint one each on both sides for double visibility. This will give your audience the choice to have a fresh design every time. Use vibrant colors and attractive designs to turn these magnets into an attractive billboard that not many people can resist.

Make your business cards memorable with some great designs and artwork. It will make your magnet stand out from the sea of fridge magnets that most people may have.

2x3.5 Custom Plumbing Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

 Consider a call to action

Even a simple business card can use the valuable real estate to position their call to action message. A short and crisp message that announces discount, directs recipients to your website, or inspires them to participate in a contest – think of anything that could be useful to the reader.  If you hit the mark with a call to action message your card will become instantly famous and memorable. The more people see these cards the more will be the leads these generate.

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