Reasons Why Every Business Should Give Out Business Card Magnets

Business card magnets are the best way to introduce your brand to your customers and to leave a lasting impression in their minds. However if you are looking for a novel idea in business cards, it is high time to think beyond the old fashioned paper business cards, which may get trashed or misplaced easily. Worst still, your recipients may fail to fork out this card from the tons of paper on their desks when they need the most!

Business Card Magnets

Here are 5 sound reasons why business card magnets will make a smart choice for promoting your brand.

  1. Business Card Magnets are long lasting
    Paper cards look ragged while being carried around in bags or wallets for a long time. After a while your contact details may disappear or fade away from the cards or these can get ripped or misplaced. Whereas business card magnets last a long time as these will remain safe and sound not just in the wallets but also on their fridge doors or office desks , keeping your message right in front of the eyes of your recipients for a long time.
  2. Attractive
    Business card magnets will leave the best first impression for your brand. These will never run out of colors or quality even after a long time and will leave a long lasting impression of your brand. Moreover, it is more likely for someone to trash a paper card than a magnet!
  3. Functional
    Business card magnets not just provide useful information but will make excellent fridge décor item as well. People will love to use these on their workdesks or refrigerator doors to keep their little notes and reminders under these. Every time they look up at these custom magnets, they will be reminded of your brand as well and ensure constant brand recall.2x3.5 Personalized Business Card Magnets 25 Mil
  4. Affordability
    Magnets have the lowest cost per impressions and have a great price point advantage than paper cards. Magnetic business cards make an assured return on investment in its favor as well. As long are the magnets are retained they will continue to work for the company.
  5. These will surprise your audience!
    Business card magnets will surprise your audience and will grab their attention easily. This will also put your brand ahead of the countless brands your audience will see every day. In today’s world, uniqueness makes the key to success to stand out in a heavily saturated market and custom magnets will do this easily.

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