Spread The Word about Your Services With Business Card Magnets

Business Card Magnets are not just a trendy way to introduce your brand or to build up your business networks but can also be used to spread the word about services and products. Imprint your name, contact information, website url and in fact any important information that you wish to share with your audience.2x3.5 Custom Pizza Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

So, if the idea of business card magnets has not crossed your mind even once, the following listing of benefits will surely help you get started.

Visibility: Custom magnetic business cards can be customized attractively to ensure a greater visibility for your brand. Unlike customary paper cards, these magnets exude fun and timeless charm that not many people can resist. Available in a range of models and shapes, these business cards will never fail to create a buzz for your brand.

Long lasting: While paper business cards get trashed or misplaced fast, these magnetic business cards enjoy a long retention on the refrigerator doors and filing cabinets of your recipients. The best part is that most people collect custom magnets as souvenirs and fridge art items, which means that these magnetic business cards will remain part of the daily lives of your recipients.

Creative scope: Custom magnetic business cards can be customized in a unique and interesting manner. The full color imprint options coupled with the generous imprint area of these magnets will offer ample creative scope for the marketers to showcase their brand and message in an inspiring manner.2x3.5 Personalized Business Card Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Horizontal or vertical layout: Magnetic business cards can be customized in a horizontal or vertical layout to ensure optimum visibility and to match the needs of the business owners.

UV coated front side: The best part is that you can even choose outdoor business card magnets for the fleet of service vehicles or cars. These UV protected magnetic cards will keep your contact information bright and bold in front of your target audience for a very long time.

Size choices: Magnetic business cards are available in various thicknesses including 20, 25 and 30 Mil. Business owners can choose cards in the appropriate thickness to match their needs. For instance, for mailer campaigns you may need lighter models while 30 Mil magnetic cards can be safely employed as outdoor car magnets.

Now that you have a fair idea on the unbeatable advantages of business card magnets, it will be interesting for you to take a closer look at some of the top selling magnetic business card models on offer.

Business Card Magnets – Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil: Why wait for your customers to step into your stores to promote your brand when you can reach out to the audience with these outdoor business card magnets.

Pizza Business Card Magnets: One of our all time favorites, these pizza business card magnets win hands down in promoting pizzerias and restaurants. Imprint your menu, signature dishes or special deals on these and every time your customers crave for a bite, your brand will come to their memory.