Top 6 Reasons to Use Business Card Magnets

Business cards give a unique identity and face to your brandand make a smart way to introduce your brand formally. An attractively customized business card will make a great ice-breaker in business events as your recipients will find it easier to talk about your brand and your services.  Ideally business cards should engage your audience with your brand in a light-hearted manner and tempt them to get back to you more often.

3.5x6.25 Custom Business Card with Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

In mass events like tradeshows, attendees will accumulate a lot of business cards by the time they reach the exit point. However, most of these cards get lost or trashed, which jeopardizes the basic purpose of business cards.

However, using business card magnets will make a smart choice because these business cards never get shoved into the drawers but will surely end up on fridge doors or filing cabinets where people can easily see it. Regular exposure to your brand will enhance the familiarity of your business among your audience in a subtle yet effective way. Next time when they are need of services of products like that of yours, they know where to find you!

1.They Are Magnetic

Magnetic business cards stick to any magnetic surface including filing cabinets or desks. Business card magnets will make impressions for your brand all their life and will never get misplaced.

2.Countless Choices

Business car magnets are available in various sizes and models, which makes it easy for you to find an item that matches your business theme.  You can choose from a range of attractive models including business cards with custom calendars, or clip business card magnets among others.

3.Customization options

These full color business card magnets are easy to customize with your brand, message or artwork. You can even add helpful information like kitchen conversion units or emergency numbers to enhance the popularity of these logo items.

4.Budget friendly

Magnetic business cards are budget friendly. It will cost you just about paper business cards but offer assured ROI, which makes a perfect business promotional tool for budget marketers.

5.Easy to distribute

Light weight and compact, business card magnets are well suited for mailer campaigns, tradeshows and store promotions. Your customers will be excited to get your business cards that they will never misplace!

6.High visibility

 Magnetic business cards enjoy a very high visibility. Everyone will be tempted to sneak a peek at these brilliantly colored business cards that make one of the most popular talking topics among anyone who sees it. So, when you have business card magnets with you, you can get your message out beyond your target audience.

Are you using business card magnets for your promotions? Feel free to share your experiences at the comments section below and join the conversation.

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