What makes Business Card Magnets crucial in brand building

No matter whether you are a new brand, trying to put down roots or a well established business reaching out to their new and existing customers, business card magnets will make an important tool in the marketing mix. Business cards take your message across to the end users and promote your brand.

2x3.5 Custom Electrical Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Businesses often have to resort to marketing their brand vigorously to stand ahead in the market and to take credit to the biggest customer pie. Business cards can make a buzz for your promotions and will put your brand into the hands of countless new customers during business events. Low in cost and high in utility, business card magnets are hard to resist for anyone who sees it. These custom magnets add a pop of color to the fridge doors and will make a great place for your recipients to put their reminders and shopping lists.

While paper business cards often get torn or misplaced, magnetic cards enjoy a high retention and will reserve a permanent place on the fridge doors. It will not just make a ready reference for them but an interesting talking topic in their social circles.

Business card magnets are easy to customize and can be imprinted with your message, artwork or call of action. The more creative you can get in customizing the magnets the more popular will be your business card magnets. You can even imprint social messages on these business card magnets.

A few Smart ways to distribute

  • As mailer items: Business card magnets can be dispatched along with company newsletters and correspondence to pack a surprise and increase the chances of your mailers getting read.
  • As referral gifts: Magnetic business cards can be given to existing customers as rewards and referral handouts, which in turn will enhance the customer loyalty.
  • As contest prizes: Business card magnets imprinted with QR codes will make a great contest prize to consider during special sales and promotions
  • In business events: Tradeshows and business events that attract a huge audience are great opportunities for businesses to impress people. Business card magnets that cost only as much as paper cards will make a great way to introduce your brand in style while your competitors settle for the old school paper business cards that may not even get to see the light outside the tradeshow venue sometimes.


  • Business card magnets are placed on file cabinets, refrigerator doors and shelves, which make them easily noticeable. Regular brand exposure will make your customers brand loyal and the next time they need a product or service as yours they won’t think twice to reach out to you.
  • Bulk orders carry the best deals and discounts. Business card magnets can be stocked and stored for a long time without any issues, which means you can order in bulk for a whole year of promotion and save money.
  • Business card magnets are not misplaced or trashed like paper cards and your business information on these cards will get undivided attention.

Business card magnets thus prove to be an effective tool that brings in more customers for their business. Make your first impression the best with these custom magnets that will never fail to catch the eyes of the customers and build the sales for the company.

Have you used business card magnets in your promotions? If yes, share your thoughts at the comments section to join the conversation.