Why Choose A Business Card Magnet Than A Paper Business Card?

A business card has been proven to improve the business’ customer base. It is a tiny form of advertisingthat has been commonly used by recipients as their reference for contact information. A business card represents your business or will tell recipients about your company. A well designed card that contains strong colors and unique designs can grab the attention of those who receive it. There is a downside though of the ordinary paper business card, it can not last long due to the material used. Once it gets wet or torn apart it becomes irrelevant. This is the reason why our marketing team came up with the idea of having a Business Card Magnets.2x3.5 Custom Attorney/Lawyer Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Both business card magnets and paper business cards are:

  • Helpful for networking
  • Conveniently small yet are used as references
  • Powerful marketing tools

Our business card magnets though have a few advantages overthe ordinary paper business card. We have listed it below.

  1. Business card magnets are durable than ordinary paper business card. It is able to last longer than paper because it can not be easily torn apart. It is made to last long.
  2. It offers a greater visibility because it can be placed on refrigerator doors for easier reference. Do you know that a custom magnetalso gives greater recall than any other promotional tools due to the location it is placed. According to a study that was conducted by the American Purdue University, the average person visits their fridge 10 to 12 times a day. Imagine the impact it gives to its recipients.
  3. Though ordinary paper business cards are offered at low rates, our custom magnets are more cost effective because the shipping, art design and set up charge being offered for free. Aside from that, we give out discounts on wholesale orders as well as a 10% off if it is your first time to order.
  4. It sets itself apart from other business card simply because you can just stick it to refrigerator doors or filing cabinet. When someone needs to look for the contact information, it is right there in front of them. Unlike paper business cards that gets mixed up with other paper which will be difficult to find when it is needed.

Commonly, people will tend to use or remember something that they will always see and this is what our custom magnets do. Whether you belong to a food related business, you have a hardware store or you offer plumbing services, our business card magnets can be used as your business card.