Our Calendar Magnets Offers a Long Term Promotion

Looking for a one time investment with a year round promotion? Start handing out these customizable Calendar Magnets to boost and start your business year right. Perfect for both small and large businesses who want to have their contact information readily available to everyone. If you are also planning to have something to giveaway during the holidays then these custom magnets should be your choice.

Not convinced with these custom magnets yet? Well, a few things listed below will make you see why it will be profitable for you when you invest in our calendar magnets.3.5x4 Custom School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

  1. It is highly useful.
    Aside from your business name being displayed inside the house of your prospects or existing clients, these custom magnets will be generally kept by those who receive because of its practical use. According to a study, 69% of recipients will keep a promotional magnet if they have a use for it.
  2. It offers year long advertising.
    Calendars are useful to every household because it is used as a reference for the whole year and that equals to 365 days of advertisement. Rest assured that nobody will throw this away once they have it.
  3. It can be used as a contact number reference of your company.
    These custom magnets can be customized which means you can have your business logo and contact information imprinted aside from the days and months.
  4. It offers greater visibility than ordinary calendar.
    Since it is made of magnet, it only sticks to ferrous iron surfaces making the refrigerator door as the perfect place where this magnet should settle. Based on a study, the refrigerator door is visited about 10-12 times in a day. Imagine how your business information can be seen by your recipients in one day making them to easily remember your business information.
  5. It grabs attention.
    Where this magnet will be placed is already an advantage. It will also allow your recipients to focus more on these calendar magnets due to the color used based on your choice. We make sure that we can provide you the exact color that you want in these magnets.

It has been proven time and again that these calendar magnets are effective promotional tools. The benefits highlighted above will definitely help you decide to invest in these custom magnets today. Our customers have kept on ordering these products because these have led their company to an increase in sales.

Still not convinced? Well, see below for more of the benefits that you will get once you order today.

  • Free shipping
  • Discount on bulk orders
  • 10% off for first time orders
  • Free art set-up
  • Zero payment required until you approve the artwork
  • Free design with the assistance of our graphic designers

These are the right tools that will give your company a lasting impression. This will ultimately boost your sales compared to your competitors in the market which will lead to your business’ growth.