Know The Tangible Benefits Of Your Money On These Custom Die Cut Magnets

Regardless of the business you are running or the size of your company, promotional magnets are the appropriate tools to use for your advertising specifically our Custom Die Cut Magnets. These custom magnets are becoming famous in today’s promotional campaign.2 to 2.99 Square Inch Custom Die Cut Magnets 20 Mil

There are many benefits that you can gain when you invest in these cost-effective custom magnets.

  • It has been proven based on a study that 70% of the people given a promotional magnet remember the company name of the advertiser. This makes custom magnets as an effective promotional tool.
  • If you plan to organize tradeshows in different states and you want to bring something that your attendees will surely keep and find handy, then these custom die cut magnets are the answer to your concern. These custom magnets will enhance your promotional campaign.
  • It is a one-time investment with more than a year shelf life. These custom magnets are made of high quality recycled material for it to be able to withstand any weather conditions.
  • These custom magnets are offered in very affordable prices so that all businesses whether big or small will be able to purchase it and go ahead with their promotional campaign. Our custom magnets are offered for as low as $0.09.

These custom magnets are perfect for any business because the contact information can be printed on it making it readily available when needed. The benefits mentioned above are difficult to ignore.

We offer many customization options. You can choose the size and color based on your own preference so that you can promote your business exactly the way you want. Below are the different sizes that we offer on our website.

  • Custom Die Cut Magnets 2 To 2.99 Square Inches
  • Custom Die Cut Magnets 3 To 4.99 Square Inches
  • Custom Die Cut Magnets 5 To 7.99 Square Inches
  • Die Cut Magnets 8 To 10.99 Square Inches
  • Die Cut Magnets 11 To 14.99 Square Inches
  • Die Cut Magnets 15 To 24.99 Square Inches
  • Die Cut Magnets 25 To 44.99 Square Inches
  • Die Cut Magnets 45 To 89.99 Square Inches
  • Die Cut Magnets Above 90 Square Inches

So make sure that you are going to consider these custom magnets when you plan to promote your business. We do not want you to miss this opportunity and if it is your first time to order from us, we would love to give you a 10% discount. Just enter our promo code TWCMD10 at the check out page.