Why Custom Business Card Magnets Never Fail?

Promotional magnets are easy and effective ways to advertise your business and increase brand exposure.  Have you ever turned down a fridge magnet? The answer is NO. Even if the whole fridge door is adorned with fridge magnets of all possible shapes and sizes, people find it too good to resist. They will lap it up any time, anywhere. Even if magnets are used to pin up coupons, bills or reminders, these make a veritable part of refrigerators in every American home or office!

Promotional magnets stick around for years on end; these are never taken off unless people change their fridge may be! Full-color and  attractive, magnets remain as a constant reminder of your brand.  Simply put, business card magnets are one of the best ways to get your logo in the eye span of audience and make it stay there for a long time. Magnets make consistent brand impressions at one time investment and make leads and sales when people take a closer look at these magnets.

Pizza Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Here are some of the unbeatable benefits of Business card magnets

  1. Handy

The winning card of business card magnets is that these are light weight and easy to distribute. Just about the thickness of traditional paper business cards, these are very portable and easy to carry in wallets or pockets. They can even stick it on their filing cabinet to make sure that they never misplace your contact details. Marketers can effectively employ business card magnets in mailer campaigns as well as these help them to reach a mass audience without adding up to their postage charges. Business card magnets make great tradeshow swag as well for your attendees in exchange of their email address. While your attendees carry your brand back home, you get a beefy email list for your next campaign.

Beauty Salon Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

  1. Useful

Magnets have many purposes. Magnets can be used to hold reminders and paper documents and often double up as fridge décor items. The high utility of business card magnets will leave potential customers with a much better impression of your business!

Attorney/Lawyer Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

3.Long lasting

Magnetic business cards are designed to stand the test of time and will look as good as new even after many years. While paper business cards get damaged or misplaced, business card magnets serve as a majestic billboard for your business all through its shelf life in your potential customer’s home. Once it’s stuck to the fridge, it will stay there safely for a long time to come.

Travel Agent Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

4.Lowest costs per impressions

Business card magnets create brand impressions many times more than its cost. An average person will open his fridge 10-12 times a day. Just imagine the exposure your brand will get every time. Considering the low cost plus long durability and high retention of around  6-8 years, the advertising costs per impressions of magnets are next to nothing!

So, if you have been looking for a promotional tool that fits into your plan, look no further than custom business card magnets.

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