7 Smart Tips To Turn Custom Calendar Magnets As Your Marketing Collateral

Every New Year offers a new opportunity to boost your branding thanks to the ever popular hand outs of calendar magnets. Offered in a range of sizes and models, these full color magnets offer great value for your promotional money by keeping your name  in front of your audience for 365 days!

4.18x5.43 Custom Magnetic Refrigerator Calendars Magnets 20 Mil

Calendar magnets make a meaningful gift for insurance companies, realtor service, schools and emergency services among others. In fact these versatile handouts will make a great promotional item for any business that understands the benefits of having their name and contact details in daily view of their target audience!

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Though most people have online calendars in their smart phones and other gadgets, these have  momentary effect. When you need a calendar that stays right in front of your eyespan, to make your yearly planning easier, Calendar magnets will make a great choice. These stay on the fridge doors forever, thereby making it a constant reference item. Having a calendar in front of us will make it easy to plan holidays, work strategies and help us to remain organized. The best part is that calendar magnets can be taken along wherever you need as it can be easily stuck on any metallic surface.

Here are some tips to customize calendar magnets to make it eye catchy

  1. Add a pop of color: Make use of the full color imprint options to make your brand and message stand out.
  2. Bold text: Make sure that your promotional message and logo are readable from a distance. Make it sufficiently large without cluttering the imprint space.
  3. Straight and simple: Do not stuff too much information. Keep only the most relevant information like your contact details or logo on calendar magnets to ensure aesthetic quality.
  4. Stay relevant – Add other useful information like local events or community activities. You can even imprint emergency numbers , kitchen conversion units or information about a nearby non-competing businesses to make it more useful for the public.
  5. Be lavish on distribution. Magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions, which make it a great investment. The low sticker price of magnets will make it easy for you to handout custom magnets to practically everyone in your gift list without breaking your budget. The more people you reach the better will be your brand exposure.
  6. Try to be unique: Think out of the box and choose magnetic calendars of unique models like house shaped magnets or picture frame punch out magnets to make your calendars stand out and to stretch your advertising dollars further.

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