Custom Magnets Make Great Handouts for Veteran’s Day

November 11th is Veterans Day, which makes a great occasion to remember the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters and honor military veterans for their incredible contributions in ensuring the sovereignty of the nation. On this day, businesses can organize fund raising events or awareness campaigns to ensure the welfare of the war veterans and to go that extra mile to make sure that the veterans are not forgotten.

Veteran’s Day is one of the most honorable holidays in American events calendar. We have added a lot of flag themed and ribbon themed custom magnets that make great handouts for Veterans Day celebrations and events.

Car Magnets : Just what the veterans and patriots need for their car! Customize car magnets  with interesting slogan, image or artwork to make it collection worthy. These stick for a long time and look good well beyond the Veterans Day celebrations.

24x12 Custom Printed Car Signs Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Flag Shaped magnets: Custom flag shaped magnets will make a great way to show your American pride and reverence to the army veterans. These can be handed out as store promotional items or mailer gifts to all the veterans and their families in your mailing list. Your recipients will indeed be proud to get these magnets that end up as Veterans Day souvenirs on their fridge doors, which will get a lot of attention.

2.75x3 Custom Flag Shaped Political Campaign Magnets 20 Mil

Awareness Ribbon magnets: Awareness ribbon magnets will make a great choice to spread awareness message and raise funds for the welfare of veterans. Customize these with your slogan, artwork or message to make them a special way to pay your respects to the army veterans who have strived to safeguard our freedom. Power Ribbon Shaped Magnetic Clips will make another interesting variant in this category. Everytime your customers use it as fridge décor or work desk items, they will surely be impressed at your patriotic pride.

8x3.88 Custom Ribbon Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Announcement magnets: Tell the world outside about your Awareness day events and special deals for war veterans with these attractive full color announcement magnets. This will not just give your customers a fabulous chance to grab the best deals but will get your message across emphatically

Save the date magnets: Ideal for school events, job fairs and more,  save the date magnets not just propagate the contributions of the veterans but also inspire the youth to take up jobs in services and to be compassionate towards the needs of veterans.

3x3 Custom Save The Date Magnets 20 Mil

How do you plan to observe Veterans Day during your business promotions. Share your thoughts with us at our facebook page and join the conversation.