7 Top Reasons Why Custom Calendar Magnets are Popular

Calendar magnets? You might be wondering why we are talking about calendar as we are already the first quarter of the New Year. Interestingly, from our experience, we can say that calendar magnets enjoy incredible popularity all round the year.

Here are some of the incredible benefits of calendar magnet, both as promotional items and customer hand outs.

  • Functional and budget friendly: Calendar magnets are high utility items and a great investment. While paper calendars need a large wall space to be displayed, magnetic calendars can be stuck on any metal surface including locker door or filing cabinet.
  • Ideal for mailer campaigns: Light weight and compact, these are ideal as mailer items that do not require much postage. These are also easy to store and won’t eat up much space in your office prior to distributing them.
  • Well retained: Surveys show that 79% of the people surveyed said that they like to receive calendar magnets as a promotional gift they can use for a whole year.
  • Potential Marketing Tool: PPAI surveys show that 88% of the respondents remembered the advertisers name on a promotional product they have received. Custom calendar magnets get a lot of face time as an average person opens their fridge more than 15 times a day, which is 5500 times a year!
  • Versatility: Calendar magnets are ideal for all types of brand and businesses and everyone will find it useful irrespective of age or gender differences. It can be used as store promotional items, fund raising items and more without looking out of place.
  • Options galore: Offered in a range of models, calendar magnets offer countless possibilities and customization options that you will love for sure.
  • Fridge décor items: Calendar magnets make delightful fridge décor items that people will love. Apart from adding specks of color, these will make a great place to hold up reminders and shopping lists as well.

House Shaped Calendar Magnets: Drive home your message in style with these delightful house shaped magnets that will grab instant attention. Your brand will get a lot of attention and appreciation on these!

4.25x3.5 Custom House Shaped Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Mini Magnetic Calendar Magnets: Small and handy, these calendar magnets hold a tremendous promotional potential and are budget friendly

2x4.5 Custom Mini Refrigerator Calendar 20 Mil Magnets Square Corners

Announcement Calendar Magnets: Make your announcements well received by placing it on calendar magnets that bring back the audience for a whole year!

3.5x6 Custom Calendar Announcement Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

School Calendar Magnets: The most effective way to make your school popular in the coming year and to generate referrals.

4x7 Custom School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Calendar magnets are highly effective promotional items. Have you used it in your promotions? How has been the experience? Share your thoughts in the comments section.