Refrigerator Magnets As Advertising Tools – How Does It Work?

Fridge magnets have evolved to be popular advertising tools for business promotions. However some people still ask whether it will actually work. Custom refrigerator magnets enjoy an impressive track record for a number of reasons.

Refrigerators are common household items typically kept at the heavy traffic zones at homes. Every time people open and close the refrigerator doors your brand on it will get a lot of attention. Fridge magnets also double pull as fridge décor items and a clever way of holding up shopping lists and reminders. Companies include magnets in their marketing mix because they are budget friendly and high visibility items that nobody can resist.

3.5x4.5 Custom Picture Frame Rectangle Punch Magnets 20 Mil

Light weight and compact, custom fridge magnets make excellent mailer campaign items as well. By including an attractive full color custom magnet in your business mailers and newsletters you can enhance the chances of getting the mailers opened. Your recipients will surely appreciate this thoughtful gesture and these magnets will continue to generate interest in them for a very long time.

The more the visibility of your promotional item the more will be the brand recall. Custom refrigerator magnets get the undivided attention of your recipients every time they open or close the fridge doors. The best part is that this process goes on many times a day and the engagement of your brand with the audience will increase over the years.

 Kitchen is the activity hub in most homes where people cook, eat, do the dishes, wind down with the family and more. So, the fridge magnets will get a lot of attention and your advertisement will be seen clearly by everyone who happens to be at the home. Interestingly a uniquely shaped fridge magnet will make an interesting talking topic as well.

Refrigerator magnets are offered in various styles and models including shaped magnets and business card magnets. Unlike paper business cards, magnetic business cards are not damaged or misplaced. When people see a fridge magnet they will be reminded of your services and will dial the number without taking off the magnets, which means magnetic cards never get misplaced. Your contact details on them will remain right in front of your audience every time they need it.

How to make fridge magnets effective

Identify your target audience:  Before choosing the style of refrigerator magnets, identify your target audience. For instance, if your target audience comprises mostly of families, photoframe magnets or calendar magnets will make a great choice whereas simple business card magnets get attention of every genre of audience.

Make your magnet grab the attention: Make it unique by using attractive artwork, catchy taglines and more to make the magnets stand out from the rest of the crop of magnets.

Generous imprint area: Refrigerator magnets have a generous imprint area that can give your message a lot of exposure. Your logo and message on refrigerator magnets will be seen multiple times every day as people go about their daily business at home. This happens in a natural and subtle manner without any sales pitch, which further  enhances the popularity of fridge magnets as marketing tools.

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